Maino Buys Nas’ Life Is Good For Best Buy Employee & Others (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 12, 2012

Maino heads to Best Buy and buys a few copies of Nas’ latest, and then proceeds to give them out to employees and random customers. Love is love. Nice to see rappers supporting each other. Props to Lowkey.

  • Yung brody

    ok so this nas album has been out for a fuckin month and he just now buys it sayin hell smack the shit out of who works there and doesnt have it …the fuck outta here…career over….zooming in to a 100 dollar purchase like he ballin…his last record deal check and shit lmmfao…clown

  • BounceB

    why people always hatin on a man doin a good thing lol..who cares if his album been out a month whether its purchased the day of or a year afta i would rather people buy good music then not..salute dis man maino for recognizing real hip hop…at the end of the day he’s only helping spreading good music..

  • Maga D

    “salute dis man maino for recognizing real hip hop…at the end of the day he’s only helping spreading good music” [2] Brody can eat a dick.

  • realtalk™

    You can solve the hunger in africa.. 2dopeboyz comment section will still hate on you for not leaving a dessert.. buncha salty fuckboys

  • Tone Riggz

    That’s the best Best Buy in NYC…It’s good to see Maino doing something like this even if he’s doing it in Maino fashion haha…

  • who cares

    Never understood why people made videos of themselves buying albums.

  • Respect to Maino!! That’s love! Real recognize real! Stop hating!!!

  • doc rovers

    best buy is the worst place to buy cds. next to no selection and some cds go up to $20. newbury comics is where its at

  • Maino a real one…

  • jb

    very cool.

  • DEBO

    oh so now people are finally showing a real nigga some love

  • marty mcfly


  • dirk

    Great that he actually buy physical CDs. It’s always better than downloading it from iTunes etc.


    Ok. I have a new found respect for Maino. This was noble of him for real. I’m copping his record when it drops just for this video.

  • ewgew

    yall are full of shit. you only like this because of the album he buying. not the gesture. young money give out free turkeys to the poor during the holidays and yall still hate. nas stans are fucking faggots for real