DJ Khaled – I Wish You Would / Cold f. Rick Ross & Kanye West (Video)

blame it on Shake August 13, 2012

Directed by Hype Williams.

Khaled stopped by 106 & Park to debut the latest visual from his upcoming album Kiss the Ring (hitting shelves August 21). And at the 3:53 mark, Kanye continues on with Theraflu Cold co-starring his missus Kim Kardashian.

  • bigErn

    Never seen a video where the camera man had a seizure the entire time lol

  • Jimmy capo

    Ayo how you gonna let the camera man jerk off while filming?!!! What kind of shit is this? Unprofessional. This is a wack video. It’s a rip off of mercy + all of the lights.

  • xastey

    Kayne a damn fool for having Kim in the vid

  • FuckChiefKeef

    this video looks like it was shot in japan last year

  • FART

    Man Hype Williams is seriously the worst

  • AGE

    i don’t know how they thought this would be a good idea.

  • Gambino Ocean

    damn i just threw up, No really…the camera shaking just made me vomit on my keyboard – i barely got 2 mins in

  • 3pac

    hype williams DIRECTED the video. but kims ass SHOT the video while she was twerking

  • PapperROOMS


  • Suq Madiq

    Wow! This room has more vaginas than a WNBA game.


  • 3pac

    this video was shot by shake (PUN INTENDED)

  • jeff

    why does the beat sound different at like 5:47?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Kamye is the typical rapper who forgot the roots of what gained his fans. A obvious lack of soul in his music is embarrassing. He’s everything he used to promise he would never be like in his earlier work. Not tomention since his mom died his personal life is so out of wak. This nigga got a bad habit for wifey birds and thinks he’s cool when he has these famous birds on his arms. Still obviously talent but just a mess when I hear what he constantly raps about and where his sound has gone. Don’t dare tell me he’s just “evolved” and “grown” I hate when people change their whole image and musical content the 1st excuse is “growth” I don’t see how his music has grown. It actually sounds more like he’s taking steps backwards. I’m tired of the same shit everyday in hiphop. It’s like a bad marriage but I just divorce her cause I love her then I hate her again. Just being honest.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    *It’s like a bad marriage but I just CAN’T divorce her cause I love her then I hate her again. Just being honest.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    kanyes the best.

  • Makak

    first half – that ignorant shit i dont like
    second half – ignorant shit i like

  • chea!

    sick of kanye making videos where he’s giving the audience parkinson or epilepsy.

  • This is one video we could have done without.

  • TOrrent911

    damn this site traffic sux now ,no trolls no comments under 20 for a kanye video,
    anyways shake is listening to this
    super NEW

    Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels [Audio]

    Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels [Audio]

  • ItDoesn’tMatterWhatYourNameIs

    They tryna give niggas epileptic seizures & shit

  • DannyBoy

    Kinda feel bad for all you who have been brainwashed into thinking this is good and cool

  • gw


    get off ur high horse faggot.

  • Trooooooof

    Looks like no one wanted to stand up to Hype and tell him that this gimmicky screen shaking was fucking dumb…how the fuck did no one tell him this was a bad idea?



  • Turtle

    Everything, EVERYTHING, before 3:53 sucks.

  • FiLiP

    @SHOWMAN3000 co-sign!
    Sadly, Kanye became one of Lamborghini Angels.

  • DETROIT (we don’t spell with numbers around here, bee-otch!)

    Chief Keef >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Lupe + Kanye)

  • Face

    this is the worst thing I’ve seen this century

  • SHOWMAN3000

    it’s like I want to like all the musical things he does but I barely like them half the time.

    Lastly, “Lamborghini Angels”? Enlighten me. Not sure who/whom or what that means?

  • Dr. Funk

    Directed by: Michael J. Fox

  • D-Money

    ^ Dr. Funk you just made my fuckin night right there! hahahaha wow that shit cracked me up

  • NoWuff

    Hip-hop represents the hood and DJ Khaled represents the corner store owners..


    must suck paying hype to make you this shitty ass video when my man ASAP just made himself the best video of all time- purple kisses

  • TB

    ^^ purple kisses is best video of all time? hahahaahahahaha

  • Famous

    So Rocky shot the video himself? By your logic.

  • Truuuuuuu

    The fuckery at 1:35 is the best thing I’ve seen all month lmao

  • NYdreams

    lmaooooo what the fuck is this …. im sorry but this video was wack as fuck

  • Truuuuuuu

    hough!…….MY MONEY ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!!!!!