Jay Electronica Ghostwrote on Nas’ Untitled Album?

blame it on Illy August 13, 2012

In news that may not be of surprise to some, but may leave others in complete disbelief, Nasir Jones may have received some pennng help on his controversial 2008 LP. FWMJ’s Rappers I Know recently wrote a piece hilariously titled, Nas Lost (Ghostwriters), in which he revisits his days working at Hot 97 back in ’07 and receiving a phone call from Jay Electronica telling him that he was ghostwriting for Nas. The article follows tweets from hip-hop journalist and cultural critic Dream Hampton who also confirmed in a response tweet revealing that Nas’ 2008 album, Untitled, was written largely by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica.


FULL READ: Nas Lost (Ghostwriters) [via FWMJ’s Rappers I Know]

  • 3much4theseHoes

    Hov is laughing right now. But im honestly shocked.

    Fuck you dope heads on the c-section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeezy and Hov all day.

  • that truth

    that writer is an idiot. nas has rapped out of pocket his entire career, its cus he writes rhymes without a beat a lot, not because somebody else wrote them. and flowing out of pocket isnt a bad thing if you can pull it off and nas is godly at it. dont believe this, especially since jay elec stole most of acts i & ii

  • booboo

    hey look guys retard shake fixed his article

  • ShakesOldBitch

    @that truth : Dude youre so right, flowing out of pocket isnt bad when you can pull it off Lil B is BASEDGODLY at it.

    With that said #protectLilB #Taskforce

  • Cubano

    Idk man Jay Electronica sounds pretty retarded when he speaks and over exaggerates shit so maybe by saying I was “ghostwrtiting” for nas he meant he was giving him ideas. Nas always had that out of pocket flow…and plus songs like hero and fried chicken and you cant stop us now do NOT sound like jay electronica flows.


    No shit. Anyone who has listened to Jay’s work would know the first time they heard QGTM that Jay wrote it. I thought it was common knowledge by this point. This honestly should not change anyones view on Nasir at all. Nearly all rappers use ghost writers. Ghost writing is such a vague term too, it could be anywhere to having someone write your entire verse for you, or someone who writes you a concept and you formulate your verse off that. It happens all the time in Hip Hop. @that truth, you though are an idiot if you believe that corny kids plea for attention about writing Act I.

  • spencer



    THis is bullshit and who ever believes this shit is just as retarded as the fucking idiots spreading this shit. Seriously, after 20+ years in the game now niggas wanna talk about ghostwriters. Stop this nonsense.


    Dream Hampton can eat a dick while she’s at it.

  • Ramelo

    Whatever! So Nas has had a career since 91 and this is the 1st time this coming up??..Yeah right! That bitch Dream Hampton just ended her career. Nas writes for people. One thing I could say about dealing with several people that have been around Nas, he’s an integrity person. He’s been asked before if he ever had somebody write his rhymes, he said hell no! That’s the truth..Nas ain’t no bullshitter! To me this sounds like a classic case of 1 of those “Nas Lost” cornballs twisting up something to make a story to make homie look bad. SMH…Fuck that bitch!

  • marty mcfly

    Im a keep it real, I never woulda thought Nas would use a ghostwriter. I mean for what? If its anything Nas doesn’t need help in doing, it would be writing lyrics. I dont know if this is true or not and even if Nas did have a ghost writer then oh well cause alot of people do but thats just very strange to me. If Jay Electronica contributed ideas then thats not the same as writing bars and people should know that by now. I doubt Nas would be reciting somebody else’s lyrics because that just wouldn’t really make any sense. Jay Elec needs to put out a real single at this point for his own album like for real, lets go already.

  • yoyo

    @that truth, you’re an idiot if you really believe that story about Jay Electronica stealing that dude’s lyrics lol

  • Chicago

    I never noticed before but “Queens Get the Money” really does sound exactly like Jay Electronica

  • Larry

    I call bullshit on this ghostwriting thing. For one, i dont hear any jay elect or stic on the album at all. No common terms, no similar flows on any song, nothing. Jay elect produced one song, and stic produced a couple. If nas was to use a ghostwriter for this, then a lot of his songs have to be ghostwritten, because nas’ music is all about progression, and i dont see anyone writing nas’ personal experiences down for him.

  • Roy

    Whoever titled this article “Jay Electronica Ghostwrote on Nas’ Untitled Album…” is a straight up gossiping BITCH. U should have included a “may have” or “allegedly” This aint even from a major source. Disappointed in 2dopeboyz I go on this site all the time too. Thats like me saying i worked at Hot 97 and wrote an article about Nas. The fuck is that?

  • Ash Motown

    I want to see factual truth before I believe any of this

  • Frost

    yea…..gtfoh with this bullshit

  • chris_zurcher

    ya, not sure if i entirely believe this.
    BUT COSIGN @chicago queens got money does sound like jay elect, with the earth and pi shit, but he produced that so maybe it was just ideas and not all lyrics


    NO. The title of this post should’ve been “Dream Hampton claims…….”. Since when does the buck stop at Dream Hampton? Give me a fucking break. This is disgusting. If Jay Elect lied to FWMJ when he made that call that’s between him and Jay but there is no fucking way in life that Jay Elect and Stic man wrote for Nas. Ive been listening to NAS forever so if they wrote for him then Nas mustve had them in his back pocket since 1992 cus that shit is all Nas flow. Dream needs to suck a thousand dicks. To try to discredit a God at his craft is so foul cuz of some fucking rumor you may have heard? Its sickening. Maybe Nas shitted on Dream Hampton at some point in the past 20 years and she never got over it, just like Elliot Wilson can’t get over what ever it was he had with Nas or how ever many fucking bloggers who cant seem to lose the hard on they have for Nas. I don’t know man. I’m so upset behind this shit. It’s so disrespectful. I can’t think of anything more disrespectful than saying this shit about Nas.

  • Jordan

    Why would (pretty much) the best lyricist ever to touch a mic need another person to write ENTIRE verses for him? I could see him running with a concept or line or two, but not entire verses/songs/albums.



  • ere

    not a good look AT ALL. You nas stans must be fuming right now. shit is crazy! DAMN

  • Jackoo

    ^^Number one album in the country…..murdering every song and feature….lost his flame? no.

  • Andrew Price Clay

    ^^@ere Nigga Nas stan or not EVERYONE in hip hop better be fuming. The man who everyone claims has the greatest HIp hop album of all time with a ghostwriter? That will damage the culture greatly. I dont buy it but it better not be true.

  • Julian

    I have over 1000 plays of Jay Electronica and know his writing style like a teacher knows plagiarism. I’ve know, purely on ability to recognize a style, that Queens Get The Money was written by Jay E. And Jay E wrote Hov’s verse on Shiny Suit Theory too, so it’s not just Nas. And in reply to that dude who said something about Kanye, he uses ghostwriters too. Consequence, Rhymefest, Pusha T, and even wack ass Big Sean have written for Ye. And go listen to that dude’s music “Jay Electronica stole lyrics from.” That dude can’t rap for shit and his lyrics are mediocre as fuck. Use your brain, guys. And don’t idolize anyone, cause even Jay E drops wack shit like that Call of Duty shit.

  • mark

    Im dissapointed you guys posted this without actual proof. A one sided article isnt a credible source. i see why odd future say the shit they say about you…

  • Hey genius…when you ghostwrite…you write in the style of whomever you’re writing for…you wouldn’t hand Nelly the same verse as Jadakiss, would ya?

  • marty mcfly

    @ Julian, stop it cause you talking about people that can obviously write for themselves. So what would be the purpose of Jay Elec writing for people that can already write without anyway? Shit Jayz dont even write lyrics on paper and Nas, some how all of a sudden forgetting how to do something he been doing for the majority of his life? I doubt it. Jay Elec is dope but why the hell would you wanna rap his lyrics for? That would be ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

  • that truth

    theres absolutely elements of jay elec in qgtm, particularly the shaky hand in zaire, thats 100% him lol. i doubt nas ever had ppl write entire verses for him, every rapper has a line suggested to them now and then. when you ghostwrite for somebody, youre supposed to write shit that sounds like theyd say obviously

  • WherdidOriginalityGO?

    fuck anyone who uses ghostwriters, period, i would never do such a thing i come up with a new song concept AND write it everyday if your a true artist u need noone else involved in your creative process i just lost all respect for one of my favs!

  • qp

    If you go to the Liner Notes, it says that co-wrote on the songs he produced for the album (Sly Fox, Untitled, and We’re Not Alone) so that explains that but that’s far from “largely written” with that being only 3 out of 15 songs. As for Jay Electronica, he’s only mentioned on “Queens Get The Money”. What I think Jay Elect meant by “ghost-writing” is kicking out ideas, similar to how the G.O.O.D. music camp works (i.e. Big Sean working on Champion for Graduation (well not necessarily on that level but similar)). Granted Nas does sound like Jay Electronica did on “My World” (which is coincidentally a Nas tribute).

  • smitty

    You say “Jay Elec wrote Queens Get the Money” and I’d just shrug and move on.

    You say “Jay Elec and Stic LARGELY wrote Untitled” (especially with all that talk Nas was spitting for that album) and I’ll stop and hear you out.

  • akHAFKJ

    damn , nas aint write one of my fav nas songs, smh

  • zachariah

    Queens get the money, I can hear Jay Elec spitting. Stic Man produced a fair few tracks, on the N-word mixtape and the album, so maybe that’s what she means to some degree. Producers contribute and are credited as songwriters already when it comes to royalty checks, and often give input on things.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    So many heads are mad in here. Why is it hard to believe that a millionaire is now using his paper to do his work for him? And it’s not even like Electronica is writing the whole album word for word (or Stic for that matter) but it’s not hard to believe that he helped Nas and ghostwrote for him. People who can’t believe Jay wrote for QGTM are in denial or just plain ignorant to the truth. Doesn’t discredit Nas as a hip-hop artist to me. No one is invincible.

  • 2dope4nope

    Wow so nas hip hop is dead album is living to the title but I need facts before the ppl crucify the nigga (hate me now) like haha!

  • NPa

    LOLOLOLOLOL at yall believing anything this rapper-dick-slurpin’ slore Dream Ham-weighs-a-ton has to say. Same broad that was all on Twitter talkin bout “I wrote Decoded!” tryna take full credit and shit for Jigga’s book, had her publisher tsk-tsking her and fucking up her pending deals. Meanwhile, Jay Elechanukah made a fake website YEARS ago claiming he was signed to Bad Boy with a 5-mic album and Radiohead beats. SMARTEN UP

  • 5th

    Dissapointed in the ghost of shake for titling this the way he did..It’s just gossip as of now. Cmon..

  • marty mcfly

    This the last thing ima say about Qgtm, if you believe Jay Elec wrote that for Nas then ok thats fine but just because the cadence of a flow sounds like somebody else doesn’t mean that somebody else wrote it. If you know how Nas uses reference points in regard to the messages at the ends of lines that he tries to convey in his rap then you can tell Nas wrote it. Also there’s a thing called timing, and every 16 bars has a certain timing because of the speed of the beat and on some beats you cant break that timing because it will make the vocals come across off rhythm. This means that every MC at some point is gonna rap with a cadence thats very similar to somebody else because as a rapper you dont have a choice unless you wanna sound like you off beat on certain instrumental speeds. I get why people may think that Jay Elec wrote it and even if he did, its really no big deal cause its alot of other songs on the album but I dont think so. With that particular song, I hear Nas mentality more so then Jay Elecs even though they both stylistically come from the same kinda chamber. Picture Jay Rock and Game both rhyming over a Premo beat. That beat style alone is gonna force both MCs to use the same cadence and they already sound similar anyway so in the end either or could say they wrote for the other. Just saying

  • RT

    if you ever listen to hip hop and have heard multiple tracks by jay electronica you would without even a slight hesitation recognize that the ” queens get the money” sounds exactly like electronica’s lyrics and flow but just with nas voice.

  • damn, this fucked my brain up a lil bit. listening to qgtm in that light… bars like

    you don’t know how high the sky is/
    the square mileage of earth for what pie is/
    i’m the shaky hand that touched George Foreman in Zaire/
    the same hand that punched down devils that brought down the towers.

    thats all jay right there. no arguments.

  • Jimmy capo

    First of all, all you ignorant niggas saying dumbshit how you lost respect or you gonna stop listening to Nas, gtfoh. Who you gonna listen to now then huh? The other artists with ghostwriters? You soft tabloid twitter biz niggas. Secondly 2DZ posting this bullshit is surprising. Third, no doubt perhaps Jay elec produced and may have wrote lines/concept for QGTM and same goes for Stic. GOOD music does that for Ye, Snoop did that for his super freak album and who do you think gaves ideas to Jay on the WTT album? FOH. Nas is still one of the GOATs, aint nothing more to say.

  • FunkyFlex

    Saying Elec and Stic ghostwrote that entire album is a dick move from a bitch with hot97 credibility. Why wait now to exploit this bitch? FOH. We don’t believe you, you need more dick riders.

  • who cares

    My question: Why would Nas need a ghostwriter? Man’s been doin’ this for years.

  • Meh

    haha never that Nas needs ghostwriters for a whole album. Of course Jay Electronica gave Nas some lines and ideas when they made QGTM, he produced it and was probably there when Nas recorded it.

  • dream hampton

    great writing NPa. you should write more often.

  • Nas fan

    As long as he didn’t ghostwrite “Queens get the Money” I can care less. That one track made up for every disappointing thing Nas has done. Even Nastradamus.

  • unclesam

    Look, does it even matter if Nas used a ghostwriter for ONE song? Why do y’all get upset? I think this is plausible. Maybe Nas was in a hurry to finish the album and Jay Elec was like “Nas yo, I got this beat, I got this idea, and I already penned like two verses to it, do you want this shit, I’ll give it to ya’ for free if you put my beat on the album and give me credit for it?” and Nas was like… aight free beats, why the fuck not.

  • Through a Logic perspective it wouldn’t be surprising but THE WHOLE ALBUM? STOOOPPP Nas been kicking history and various facets of black nationalist rhetoric before Jay and Stic were even hot so simmer down Dream Hampton. The fact is though most MCs have had ghost writers, Shock G wrote for Pac and Vice versa, Snoop for Dre Cube for many in the west coast, Jada and sheek wrote for Biggie. But an WHOLE album? and the conspiratorial tones like, “NY needed a Nas record, so we got two southern dudes to write it” LMAO see the logic? At the end of the day its good Music Period. support your local talent who you KNOW is writing their own shit

  • R

    Whoever executive produced Nas last album should be shot cause the production on beats was the worst out of all Nas albums combined! Jay Electronica needs to release his first album already and don’t stop for at least 3 years cause he’s about to turn 50 soon!!!

  • Frost

    LMAOOOOO @ unclesam

    I pictured that convo actually goin’ down…haha

    had me laughin’ like a muthafuka……IDK why, tho…

  • Marevonrayray

    Nas gage these rappers the blueprint and showed them How to rhyme. It doesn’t make sense. Nas is the perfect lyricist considered like the G.O.A.T. This article is straight bullsh#t, himarious!!

  • Grimzz

    I don’t see the big deal…not like he ghostwrote life is good, ill/stillmatic or it was written…key albums for nas…it happens…how you think snoop got so much buzz…he wrote the chronic lol…ghostwriting has been around for years so don’t trip on that…if it’s not the real classic shit, then it shouldn’t hurt the fan base….

  • 5%

    this is not true, simply ask nas. Jay E only co-wrote a song.
    even if this is true its not that bad at all because Jay E is one of best lyricist in past 5 years.

  • Dawg

    nigger was a great album, i dont really care who wrote it when its aight then its aight no matter what Nas or Jay E

  • tootoes

    Dream Hampton is a bitch for that.

  • you

    I call bullshit

  • you

    People can be made to believe anything. Where’s the proof for this bullshit? I’ll believe it when Nas, Jay Elec, or stic man themselves come forth and admit to it.

  • DBS

    There’s writing credits for Mr. T. Thedford and C. Gavin on the album (in the liner notes, you know on the physical album, no not an mp3, yeah they still make those) so they definitely wrote for him, how much I doubt even Mrs. Critic knows, pure speculation.

  • DBS

    There’s only writing credits for Jay & Stic on like 3 songs so saying that the album was “largely” written by them is pretty laughable.

  • just wondering how many Stic Man joints does anyone have in their ipods or whatever mp3 playlists? I’m a fan of all these mc’s, but “I don’t believe you, you need more people.”

  • BIll Hicks

    Anyone who believes this is true is stupid…. case….fucking…..closed

  • AD

    jay elect’s album better be hott then.

  • dllll

    There are a lot of rumors on the internet… I heard..

  • meh

    all rappers have had ghostwriters. Nas ghosted for Wil Smith. Pharoahe and every one of you favorite rappers ghosted for puffy. j cole ghosted for jay z. heard apathy ghosted for snoop and i think i remember even hearing that obie ghosted for eminem.after your first 2 albums id be shocked if you DIDNT have a ghostwriter along the way…not a big deal…

  • Tone Riggz

    Dream Hampton, Jay-Z’s pet, yea okay…Dream is the new Superb…

  • M0ns!er

    Queens get the money is ghostwritten by Jay Elect. Just take a look in the album booklet/credits. I am too lazy to check it right now. But i am sure that i would find Stic’s and Jay’s name more often. Anyway it is Nas weakest album imo. He is still the GOAT so who cares!?!

  • Tone Riggz

    Jay’s name is in the credits for “Queens Get The Money” because he produced the song…Stic.Man produced 3 songs on that album and he also gets a “Co-Written” mention on top of the regular credits for each song…

  • StuartAileen

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  • willsee

    If you go on the article writer’s twitter feed you see that JUST BLAZE called him out, saying he took JAY ELEC’s phone call way out of context. Stupid lil’ shithead.

  • antinerdrap

    Are these ppl working for Kelis. That album dropped years ago & now yall bring this up. He’s on top now so yall want to bring him down sounds like hate to me. They have no official proof.

  • realquickflips

    It was Written (By Jay Electronica)

  • Doo Doo Brown!

    Who cares? Doubt it’s true. Even if it is, no one would have listened to that shit if Stic Man or Jay E put it out. Nas’ legendary status in the game is secured regardless. “Journalists/bloggers” will say anything for publicity.

    Moving on…

  • DV

    Dream Hampton co-wrote Jay-Z’s Decoded… just saying… she might be a little biased…

  • BAR

    I’m surprised nobody has said this, I thought it was common knowledge and pretty obvious but when a rapper produces for another rapper, the rapper produced for sometimes tries to mimic the flow and delivery of the producing rapper as like a shout out or a nod to their talent. And generally when a rapper produces a track, whether its for him or not, its tailored to his style. I don’t understand how anybody can say “well, I’ve listened to Jay over a 1000 times so I’m a professional on his music, he 100% wrote QGTM” or throw out a couple bars from the song and be like “yup! See! That’s all Jay right there”. That thought process is ignorant.

  • johnboy

    This has to be one of my favorite c sections of all time. shout out to marty tho.

  • SyKotiQ

    i just lol. “life is good”. not?

  • Ayo-Ret just denied ghostwriting for Nas. I think the chick who wrote the article is about to be discredited.

  • Kane

    Dream should just kick back and chill somewhere.

    Every time I hear about her she hatin on somebody!

  • bb

    this article is bull and c’mon now why would they wanna hurt nas because they all out for fame, just cuz you can put something on the internet doesn’t make it true and you a journalist either

  • LOL

    So yeah just denied ghostwriting for Nas. Whoever reported this is a fucking idiot.

  • tyrone

    what Nas say on the song Roses? YOU A FUCKIN LIAR!!

  • Cubano

    From Jay Electronica’s twitter page : “Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. never has and never will need a ghostwriter. that man’s pen and legacy is without question.” There. End this negativity..hip hop already has enough.

  • To all the emotional ppl… Who cares! Life is Good in MF rotation not untitled anyways. Waste of time putting negativity in the past. Stop peddlin backwards over BS. Straight up. Business is business.

  • fresh prince

    I might be wrong, but didnt Nas ghostwrite for Will Smith?? WElcome to Miami??