• who cares

    Q-Tip needs to get the fuck outta G.O.O.D. music asap. Ain't gon' do nothin' but fuck up his music.

  • ImNotLying

    Haha. I remember when Jay SWORE he was not a punch in rapper. And always said he remembered all his lyrics on the first try and ran with it. Now TiP is saying he might come back and finish it later.

    Nigga got busted XD

  • FakirWise

    He didn't say Jay forgot his lines. He said he would leave it out, than come back and fill it in (as in he didn't have a line for that part of the verse yet). There's a major difference in what he said versus what you understood.

  • iFloss

    This man FakirWise is the man for that comment! 2DBZ should add a reply feature to the comment section, and the ability to like or dislike a comment!