Nas & Jay Electronica Deny Ghostwriter Allegations (Video)

blame it on Shake August 14, 2012

Yesterday, word hit the internet that Jay Electronia had ghostwritten for Nas’ Untitled LP. And during his time on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Nas denies any such allegations. He also states that he draws inspiration from friends and people that are around, lists a couple songs that he wished he recorded and more. UPDATE: Turns out this clip is from last week and the question was asked before the allegations were out. Still… the answer shouldn’t change right? UPDATE 2: Jay Electronica has also shared his thoughts on the situation via Twitter.

  • Cubano

    WTF??? Yall are the only hip hop blog site talking about this….Did Nas fuck one of yall mothers or something? There has to be a problem with Nas to bring up a non credible source like this and just say its true.

  • @ Cubano

    ^Been to RapRadar lately? AllHipHop? Smoking Section? Complex?

    Don’t catch feelings just because Nas is facing some criticism for once.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Why should I give a fuck about Jay Elec or believe what he says? I havent heard one hot song from dude and hes been gassin up yall heads for years about his album.

    Nas > Jay Elec regardless of what anyone says.

  • ji_gantus

    someone ghostwriting for nas? the GOAT? really?! you motherfuckers trippin, yall need to get of jay elects dick like he done so much for hop hop n shit. mr electronicas released like 5 good songs n you all hailing him like hop hops saviour. hes too busy fondling with rotschilds to give a shit. nas just released his 10th album and i would be suprised if i hear a harder hip hop album in 2012. and before you start accusing me of shit i was 3 when illmatic was released

  • Theres nothing more sad than a fan in disbelief, tryna scramble for answers and ignoring the facts all in defence of their favourite … because to the fan their favourite can do no wrong.

  • sfuse

    i don’t give a fuck one way or another.

  • marty mcfly

    Now if we can just get the damn Jay Elec album already. Smh

  • Akademo

    I’m sorry, but I believe Nas. I have been a fan since his first album, and I’m a Hip Hop head from the beginning (Hip Hop is to me what Motown is to you grandmothers). Nas has always dealt with integrity. I’ve been in hundreds of studio sessions, and everyone knows that when the artist are recording, they get inspiration, motivation, and input from anyone who is in the studio. Be it a groupie giving them head before they go in the booth, a bottle of Henny being drank by the crew, or a fat blunt being passed around. All these things add to the song, or recording session. Especially when the folks in the session are the PRODUCERS. I know everyone wants Nas to get knocked down a notch since he is the MC with the longevity title (LL had it, but he hasn’t recorded in a minute). Nas has managed to survive through every type of Hip Hop since he got in the game, and is still standing today. Not is he only standing, but he has continued to stay fresh, and bring or add something to the game!Shame on Dream Hampton for twitting that, even if they may have helped. As a writer, she should know better, but in today’s media, folks are always trying to stay in the mix, and they will do and say anything to do so. Respect to Nas for handling it like he always does – with class, and respect. If you are a real Hip Hop fan, don’t let these media types get us to fighting and disrespecting the greats because they are trying to stay in the loop.

  • Oracle

    What a non-story. Blogs, DJ’s, and “journalists” break down artists more than they build ’em up. Buncha drama seeking bitches. Hip Hop has turned into a fucking Gossip, Entertainment Tonight culture.

  • you

    @ [email protected]

    Jokes on you for believing this shit

  • Cubano

    From Jay Electronica’s twitter page : “Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. never has and never will need a ghostwriter. that man’s pen and legacy is without question.” There. End this negativity..hip hop already has enough.

  • Thinker

    I swear Hip Hop fans get more and more sensitive every day. If I had a hip hop conversation with u fags y’all probably start getting offended by other opinions and start tearing up. Smh. There are no male rap fans. Bunch of bitches

  • Obama

    ^^^ show me that tweet
    [email protected] is right Theres nothing more sad than a fan in disbelief. i wonder how many songs was ghost written

    p.s We would never hear this about Jay-Z

  • tew

    @Siy hit it on the head

  • you would never hear this about jay-z why? cause the person he stole most his lyrics from is dead *cough* How many of BIGS rhymes gonna come out your fat lips.

    As for Nas there is no way the whole album was ghost written. Every artist kicks ideas back n forth and takes input from others. I think Jay E cant even make an album n was just running his lips about how he was ghost writin for Nas to try to feel validated. Bottom line there is no proof and never will be. Face it Nas is the GOAT of this rap shit the only people in his calibur are either dead or fell off years ago.

  • that truth

    of course he denied, hes contractually obligated not to confirm. and jay elec stole almost all of act one from some dudes old rhyme books and is still fighting the suit, why yall think he put out one song last year and it was trash?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Niggas do anything to discredit a legend. All this shows to me is how much of a COWARD he is. 2 questions I have, 1. If this information is so true then why wait to air it out?. 2. Is it ironic that after great moment Nas has built leading up to his recent album now (Life Is Good) that he feels it suitable to now speak on it? Sidenote: I wouldn’t even be bragging that I wrote Nas’s “Untitled” album btw. I wanted to like the album and it was straight yawn music.

    Cowards always find ways to discredit people because they know there are always going to be people who will entertain their allegations without doing their own research. Give it time and we’ll hear Biggy, Big L, Big Pun or 2 Pac had ghost writers too. Y’all watch! Mark my words. I remember the same thing happened when Hov was dropping an album (American Gangster I believe) and some Britain rapper name Famous or something name like that (who was going to “blow up” supposedly) claimed to have written countless Jay-Z songs.


  • SHOWMAN3000

    **1. If this information is so true then why wait all these years to air this out?. 2. Is it ironic that after all this great momentum Nas has built leading up to his recent album now (Life Is Good) that he feels it suitable to now speak on it? Sounds like a someone is trying to kill the good critical acclaim this album is receiving to me.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Lastly we DID hear this about Jay-Z!

  • hiphopfan

    NAS = GOAT. yall need to quit doubting this man. anyone over the age of 25 should understand. ghostwriters? lmao

  • marty mcfly

    @SHOWMAN, Who said they wrote for Jayz, and what songs did they say they wrote specifically? Jayz has used the same engineer for over a decade and recorded in front of the same group of just a few people for years. Kanye, 9th wonder, Timbaland and Young Guru have all witnessed him do the songs right there in the same room with him. No Pen No Paper and 95% of Jayz rhymes actually makes sense in regard to the current events at the time and in terms of the real life he’s living at the time. So no we have not heard this about Jayz before. If somebody said some shit like that then they was just fuckin around. Break down most of his rhymes and within every verse its something said thats personal with just information that only he would know about his own life. Stop it just stop it, Nas is legend but Hov is GOAT

  • marty mcfly

    Oh yeah, Now Get Mad

  • Ass

    Hahaha neither nas nor jay are GOAT
    tupac Amir shakur

  • Marty Mcfly had a small dick


  • Ghosfacekll

    Funny part is that no one gives a fuck. Nas is a legend top 5 alive or dead in the end of the day.

  • Marty Mcfly still has a small penis

    @Marty Mcfly LOL HOV GOAT? blueprint 3 cough cough.
    Seems like someone forgot (or is too young and hipster) to remember Tupac.

  • i knew this was bullshit; he probably was inspired/exchanged some ideas with Jay Electronica for the “Queens Get the Money” joint. did write WITH Nas for the LP though, but he is even credited in the linear notes as well as during interviews that he helped Nas with production and that they wrote a few songs together. so why would he get the credit but Jay not?

  • marty mcfly

    @troll, 2Pacs last album came out before Jayz first album so they’ve never been in competition period plus you dont compare the living vs the dead because its totally impossible for them to even compete on any level at all. Lastly your gay because any male thats commenting on another mans dick size is a fag. BP3 was one of the most successful albums of 09 meanwhile Pac aint put out an album in the last 15 years. No diss to Pac though. Now STFU and go to sleep.

  • marty mcfly

    The last album Pac put out HIMSELF was All Eyes On Me. Dumbass

  • Realshit

    ^^^Jay z was too scared to respond to PAC just like everyone else Except mobb deep, which went no where at the time . PAC is in a category of his own. And his last album, 7 day theory, was recorded in one week and released after he died. Dumbass. As for living rappers go, nas ethered jay z a long ass time ago and is still respected in the boroughs unlike bitch ass jay z.

  • Faggymcfaggot is a troll

    @Marty Mcfly EVERYONE INCLUDING JAY Z HIMSELF KNOWS BP3 sucks dick. So why don’t u stop sucking jay z dick for one night and go to sleep.

  • marty mcfly

    Nobody was ever scared of Pac because grown men dont have fear of another man. Matter fact didnt Nas say he confronted Pac and he backed down with no shots fired whatsoever? Everybody knows somebody like Pac, not saying he was a puck cause he wasn’t but he damn sure wasnt gonna kill anybody because he never did while he was alive. Jayz didnt respond because its disrespectful to talk shit about the dead. 7 Day Theory was NOT put out while Pac was alive so chances are he wasn’t finished working on it. Empire State from BP3 was Jayz most successful song of his career and was the first album where Jay concentrated on making a full album that was commercially acceptable and he accomplished that. Your mad because you cant face the facts but thats not my fault bitches. Anybody who claims to be better then Jay has to show evidence of that, every year of the last 16 years that they out performed Jayz and beat him in EVERY category of hip hop across the board. You cant skip bases and claim to be the best. Your arguments lose so please get off my dick and dont be a sore loser. Its only the TRUTH. Punk niggas

  • This comment was ghostwritten.

  • dsfd

    @rrealshit jay was not afraid of pac gtfoh. pac was just throwing tantrusm. why diss somone you have no beef with. that’s bitch shit. pac admitted he only dissed jay because he was friends with biggie. that’s some petty shit.

  • Fact

    @ marty mcfly

    Tupac and Jay-Z ARE competing when you try to crown a “Greatest of ALL Time”.

  • hah

    Since when does a GOAT need Ghostwriting? Ya’ll niggas got hip hop twisted for real. Go listen to Wackaflacka.

  • Shit

    ….not to mention that Jay Elec is HEAVILY inspired by BIG and so was NAS (to a lesser extent).

  • Dialect

    I have personally heard reference tracks for Jay-Z from an artist I will not name. He is a fraud. It is evident in his newer music.

    Nasir Jones is one of the realest emcees left on this planet and does not deserve this type of disrespect. How could someone question the legacy of one of the most prolific artists in the history of hip-hop? Sickening. Anyone who believed this in the first place is a gullible moron.

  • marty mcfly

    Reference tracks are not ghostwritten lyrics.

  • mazoomy

    I have a feeling marty mcfly is Shake. No one else could possibly have Jay so far up their ass.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    @marty mcfly
    Dude you obviously like Hov. If you look at what I wrote I didn’t say that “I” released allegations or accused nor was I implying that Jay-Z doesn’t write his rhymes. I was regarding to a blog I read several years ago and I also saw it on boxden. I would have to look and research it. I can’t lie, it had me for a minute but in all reality whether “Guru” and others witnessed his skills in person, I still didn’t and don’t believe anyone ghost wrote or ghost writes for Jay-Z PERIOD.

    I was just using him as an example to relate to the allegations that they released about Nas. Personally Nss is my “GOAT” However, I like Jay-Z as well and at the end of the day people love to lower the criteria or “realness” of all great rappers. So again man I was not trying to make a “Jay-Z VS Nas” situation or imply anything negative about Jay-Z. I what I read and I remember the article and I’m not lying about it.

    I’m sure someone else somewhere online read it two several yrs ago. I even remember saving (copy & paste) the article to a word document before my pc crashed back then. Anyhow, reading peoples allegations on several topics to greats YEARS later are coward moves to me.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    *I KNOW what I read and I remember the article and I’m not lying about it.

    I’m sure someone else somewhere online read it too several yrs ago. I even remember saving (copy & paste) the article to a word document before my pc crashed back then. Anyhow, when I read peoples allegations on several topics about “greats” YEARS later (way passed the time after it happened) are coward moves to me.