Prof – New Kid f. Yelawolf

blame it on Shake August 14, 2012

Prof enlists Yelawolf for the first single off the third installment of his Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape series; which is due September 25th.

  • KIM

    Yeah hip hop is dead

  • Matt


  • matt

    I liked Prof until I heard this garbage…im done with both of these lames

  • Level

    It’s not hella dope or anything, but prof hasn’t changed his style or anything, yela’s verse was pretty lame tho imo

  • fuckthisshit

    LOL!!!! this is by far the worst cover I’ve seen in all of my life. I didn’t even bother to click the track.

  • thrasher

    i love pregnant women

  • Murray

    This will bang hard in the clubs!

  • kyle

    prof doesnt put out a lot of serious tracks on powder horn, this is pretty much just trolling

  • Christina

    Prof kills it, love it!

  • EN

    Prof is all about goofin off and that’s what he brings in this song.. This dude does not fail to make me laugh!!


    Shit goes hard

  • PRoG_13

    If you hate your a HATER, PROF is the fucking future..

  • Herffy

    Yea, this dope.

  • Kyle

    PROF goes hard as fuck on this track. It’s just as ridiculous as you can expect a Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape to be.

  • dan t

    Haters always gonna hate! Songs dope as fuck

  • reallythough

    LMAO. as if i needed an excuse not to listen to rap or visit this site anymore.

  • maggie


  • eye

    half the people commenting probably like mac lethal.

  • nordeast


  • Lmao some of u lame ass haters dont even know real hip hop. And you definitely dont know prof. This dude is known to fuck around and buck out but listen to the king gampo tape all the way through and ull see he has real shit and meaningful music. Im not tryna change anybodys oppinion but before you talk shit about an artist consider all of their stuff first.


    THE KING GAMPO KILLS IT AGAIN (like anything less is possible…)

  • embaby89

    Lol as if hiphop has a heartbeat..ill never understand the instant haters. If you cant enjoy and/or appreciate Prof in some way, I feel sorry for you. Thanks Prof for being undeniably amazing!!!

  • Edward

    Epic. Can’t wait to meet him again in some club/show. This is Gampo through and through. Definitely getting my preorder on. Prof is one of the few I have and will lay down cash to help support!

  • Wonton Soup

    Well its obvious that Prof himself wrote half these comments if not more, but my only question is, was Yelawolf in the booth with him or did he email that verse. Because holy fuck he was way offbeat. I’ll assume the engineer fucked that one up cuz the song sucked but I still expected Yela to rip that beat

  • Shayne Brown

    Wow lots of haters out there… Still love Prof and Yela even tho this song isn’t the best. Its still good!



  • MustacheGirl

    Your hating ass opinion? TRADE IT FOR A MUSTACHE

  • Coop

    Prof is dope, fuck all you trolling ass bitches. Go on and hate somewhere else pussies!

  • poeballs

    Cant wait for this to drop. Gampo! Gampo! Gampo!

  • drizz

    If you don’t know PROF and ur taking this way too serious, then slap yourself.

  • The Real

    Gampo is the new Juggalo.

  • Dave Autrey

    One more reason to be proud as fuck to be where I’m from! Middle finger to the ass clowns who cant see it.

  • 9UKnoww

    what kinda cover is this? lmfao

  • Parker

    Haters gonna hate. Half these comments are probably from kids who can’t even get a track ON this blog. I’m sure this mixtape will bang.

  • goodguy

    We’re all goin to hell if we dont change our ways!!

  • J

    Uhh… this ain’t even his beat….. Daz dropped this off on his album So So Gangsta 6 years ago. It’s called “On Some Real Shit”.

    This dude killed it though. And no…. not in a good way.

  • Bambalina

    Dillingers an OG but Prof is new, hes for the kids, the ratchets at heart. He is the cold south, he keeps it icy in a whole new way.

  • Stephen

    Every time I hear new shit from Prof I can’t believe that Slug and Brother Ali endorse this clown. Underground hip hop is dead.

  • embaby89

    Hip hop isnt a puppy you ass clown, it’s a music genre.

  • kyle

    listen to Minnesota Nice, Animal, The Season, Myself, Whiskey & Broadcasting, Marilyn, Demons Remix and Kelly Kapowski from Stophouse if you wanna here what Prof is capable of. How hard is it to comprehend that he trolls on some songs? pretty much the riff raff of underground on some tracks. Example being he throws a fucking dougie beat in the song James Bond Blimp and it came out better then half the garbage thats mainstream

  • Lots of yall “hiphop interneters” are close-minded about the genre. There are plenty more ways to express yourself in a song than “im true school hip hop, and all this other shit is fake.”

    Yes, I’m very good friends with Slug and Ali. We vibe because we are always ourselves. I found that once I started getting out more and touring with “realer” artists like Evidence and Babu, that there isn’t some sort of formula a rapper needs to stick to. Fact, being yourself, and doing what YOU want to do… isn’t that what your “hip hop” is all about? If y’all were to talk to these “true school underground kings” I think you would be very surprised with how seriously they DONT take themselves.

    With that being said, its really none of my business to be on this blog commenting and shit. Thats yalls job. I do look like a dufus ass prick in the photo though.

  • embaby89

    Its really their loss.. the haters, the close minded critics that are so quick to make comparisons.. I feel like Profs music is in a class of its own, he doesnt needa specific label, doesnt need to fit in a box, he is simply himself. His fans are so diverse, we KNOW PROF is real deal holyfield. We love him, want to be him, want to bang him because of a deep appreciation for his music. Music us GAMPOS can really sing their hearts out to.DONT STOP!! cant stop :) STOPHOUSE!!

  • GTFO

    Of course you’re “being yourself”. Everyone in the history of rap “keeps it real” according to themselves. That still don’t make your music tight!

  • Jed Sajec

    Oh, the haters. I think you have to be a teenager to post negative comments, and if you are not it is pretty sad for you. Its really easy to talk shit about others, but this dude and his team are really putting in work, sacrifice, and effort to make ENTERTAINING music. He is a versatile MC and puts on one hell of a live show. If you want to be a fan of some mainstream artist that you feel completely unconnected to, then thats fine. Thats your business. When you figure out though that its much more important to connect to your favorite artists, then you will be opened up to many more styles. Haters just need time to grow up and realize that listening to what you want to listen to is much more important than “what are the cool people listening to”? Most of the new mainstream artists these days just dont connect with me, once they get a deal they are told how to act, what to do, and what to say. Just look at Yelawolfs problems.

  • NoWuff

    Prof’s just a clown… Look at the cover, he’s on some weird al type shit… Almost