Rochelle Jordan – P R E S S U R E (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 14, 2012

The Toronto songbird has finally dropped her anticipated (well, anticipated around these parts) latest freelease. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Rochelle Jordan – P R E S S U R E (Mixtape)

  • UnCoolCelo

    Had that early stream going all night. Album is really dope. With time, R&B tape of the year recognition.

  • Jess

    why isnt she signed yet is the real question.. i was streaming this as well all night.. this shit is album quality.. i think labels are scared of her she seems like the type who knows what she wants.. there are artist who i personally think arent even close to her talent wise and shes not even getting the right amount of respect yet. i hope this album pushes her more up there with the like of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd be honest i prefer her over them. all in all this album is great.. like damn near perfect.. and its impossible to ignore the aaliyah tones on every song.. Drake looking for a ghost but Rochelle Jordan has been here the whole time.. 5/5

  • Jess

    *also the producer KLSH is tight on here too. good work overall. R&B album of the year.


    Damn, this that R&B that I wouldn’t mind bumpin in my ride….I can’t say that about most of these female artist.

  • whoufoolin

    Meka knows he don’t bump this shit smh.

  • shotgun.

  • Rasan

    Moving Independent may be her best move considering most of the girls who are coming up are either trash or sound like every other female or BOTH. Hope she keep rocking like this!!!

  • SayitWhocares

    Aaliyah, Amerie and the Neptunes had a girl. Lol i’m feeling this

  • KCDC

    VISIONS IS CRAZY! Im goin ham here

  • LetsBeReal

    Rochelle Jordan is the New age Aaliyah. #Enoughsaid no pun intended.

  • LetsBeReal

    @Ransan No.. Lets not hope she stays independent because thats equivalent to underground . We need this music Above ground.. People with money need to make this music Mainstream again. I HOPE she signs a MAJOR deal and soon.

  • NYCityREP

    Thank you Rochelle Jordan. This is album quality material.

    Major label Hip-Hop/R&B artists have been putting out nothing but disappointing albums recently – Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Frank Ocean, etc…

  • KCT_underground

    She took a shit on Elle Varner’s Album. That bitch is Boringggg This the kind of R&B i can listen to all day

  • theGirlYouDreamOf

    LOL^ She really did tho.

  • Daniel7

    Rochelle Jordan and Elle Varner are Not even in the same lane R&B wise. Rochelle Would fall into more of a Mainstream R&B category like Aaliyah missy elliot did. Elle is Really Dope but she is more like Jill Scott Chrisette michelle type of R&B. They are both Good singers. I do Prefer Rochelle Only because i havn’t heard this type of sound in a very long time and its exciting.

  • truthhurts

    Being ” the New age Aaliyah. ” is the reason why shes not signed . and on top of that with Aaliyah bout to drop a “new album” oh girl doesn’t stand a chance , with these drake sounding beats … lol

  • Keepit100

    She sounds, looks and the music is nothing like Aaliyah. Secondly Nicki was the ‘new age’ lil Kim. Chris brown was the ‘new age’ michael jackson etc. Music and artist similarity HAS to and will Always come back around.. we have no choice.. but what made these artists concrete was consistency. This is no different. Aaliyah is dead.. and with this new album coming out without missy and tim involved ..she will be Dead again. can we get over it now?

  • Slay123

    Classic. Couldve been is a Banger

  • S.W.A.N.

    nikka said drake sounding beats SMH LOL that motherfucker dont know music smh shame to see people THINK they know what theyre talkin about but dont have a fuckin clue your a fuckin fool if u dont see that RoJo is the future of r&b and if u dont trust me she and her team doesnt give a shit lmao #PROTO

  • Chrisknows

    Homegirl music is so tight that people forget how BAD Rochelle is. My nigga just reminded me yesterday ha man i would hit Looking for her on instagram