• B Town

    I liked the song. It's very melodic and reminiscent of Bone Thug harmonies. Nice to hear music actually tell a story

  • http://www.minoslick.com Mino Slick

    Twanee I see u boy! dope record! i def see the growth!!!!

  • Tru

    Leaving love for a great artist! This song once again exhibits Twanee Baby's excellent, writing skills & ability to connect to real life situations. One of my absolute faves "Far Away" is still often played on my iTunes...Keep up the great work Twanee : )

  • InkedUpB

    The grind is paying off for the KY boy. Meet you at the top.

  • http://playcold.bandcamp.com PlayCold

    BANGER on some #TrillLove shit