D-WHY – Don’t Flatter Yourself (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 15, 2012

After a few well-received leaks, the multifaceted emcee finally drops his anticipated mixtape. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: D-WHY – Don’t Flatter Yourself (Mixtape)

  • ewgew

    its a free album. but it sounds like it should be a mixtape -__-

  • Lord

    this kids voice is so annoying. i’d say he’s a poor mans Drake but Logic takes that crown

  • why?

    yeah a rich kid with a annoying ass voice….

  • max

    I agree. His voice is way too annoying to listen… I just listened to 5 songs. I can`t.

  • JXN

    Awesome mixtape/album. Great production. His voice honestly isn’t that bad. Don’t hate on the dude just because he’s white. As a rapper/singer he’s one of the better that’s come out recently. I appreciate that he didn’t overload this with features. At then end of the day it gets a “dope” from me

  • eric

    found this shit to be dope, this dude gained a new listener

  • reggie


    not one person has commented on his race -__-

  • JXN

    @reggie Oh that wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. Just a blanket statement. People always skip dudes just because they’re white. Most do suck, true, but there are some great ones out there too.

  • grs

    jesus christ, is this guy serious? this whole tape sounds like an andy samberg snl parody.

  • WelchsGrapeFruitSnacks

    sounds like Hoodie Allen

  • EC

    Beat selection is pretty nice… I like D WHY because he’s different (even in light of the poor mans Drake comment) I think he has his own flare the look and sound has never been done together. I just think he gets kinda wordy from time to time. I think the tape wouldve been better with fewer tracks and fewer verses.. Wish him the best though

  • WelchsGrapeFruitSnacks

    One thing I do like about this post and the comments that have come with it is that everybody that has contributed has been constructive, for the most port. Unlike the Logic post where people were acting like it was a life and death decision if you didn’t like him.

  • Uhm… Yeah…

    He’s decent.. Sometimes his raps seem like he just tries to rhyme as much stuff as possible.. Needs to work on his wittiness, voice/delivery.. If he does that, he could be pretty nice. He has his own lane.

  • Good Motherfuckin Music

    i only kept the Boi-1da, T-Minus and Hit-Boy productions

  • cali

    i can fuck with it, just because i understand some of the fashion history comments

  • j2fly


  • MusicJunkie

    just because people think his voice is annoying doesnt mean you shouldnt listen to what he has to say. He is contributing to the industry and im glad to have in my artist selection and hope he continues to make great actually music unlike many of the artist that are out today. Keep up the good work.

  • wait…what?

    look… just because his voice is annoying as fuck, his lyrical ability leaves something to be desired, and his message is that of a coincided rich white boy lamenting about his pain, does not mean you shouldn’t listen to him, okay? every artist deserves a chance, even the bad ones.

  • andu

    reminds me of childish gambinos royalty, d why killed it

  • Wonton Soup

    I hated his voice the first 2-3 posts of him I saw…but Rex Arrow did such a dope job with the Machiatto Music video I ended up watching it like 3-4 times in a row. Realized the dude is nice. Get over the voice.

  • LOWgunnyDAcapo

    Haters gone hate and winners gone win .. Stay killin um david

  • yeleo

    He has great videos! But I just don’t like the music. What people don’t understand is.. You could be the greatest songwriter, but if you have a voice like D-Why’s.. You should give the song to someone else. At the end of the day, good lyrics or’s still music, and it has to sound good! I agree with the SNL comment, it sounds like he’s joking. Next time managers are going to find a clean cut white boy, who dresses nice, and has a great videos…they should go the whole distance, and just milly vanilly his ass..and have someone else record the songs lol

  • AMA

    One thing you gotta understand is after hearing “Machiatto Music” i realized the whole “luxury rap” movement/thing really caught on and created a new lane. This guy really is taking a bunch of different genres and blending them into his most;y hip hop raps. I thought the same thing about his voice, but just like with Yelawolf, i got over it. The music is still dope. And i think he uses his annoying voice well…if that makes any sense. Now I will say, Ive been waiting to hear this project, and i think he did kinda sequence the mixtape not very well. For new listeners who dont know him, the first 4-5 songs will kinda give off the wrong first impression and may turn them away. If he sonicly wanted a different sound on purpose, I dont know. Id suggest people to check out the following songs from him: “Killa”, “Machiatto Music”, “All Good” feat. Hit-Boy. Pretty much all of his soundcloud leaks got me hooked. Overall its a ‘dope’ from me, and Im sure we’re going to be seeing/hearing a lot more from D-Why.

  • bambino