• Druggid

    How do you go from 'Hip Hop' to this? Not hatin though, I know a lot of the younger rap fans will be all over this, maybe they'll cop the album and see the other side of hiphop.

  • ayoforyayo

    i didn't think wayne's verse was shit. is there something wrong with me?

  • jamie

    this was supposed to feat meek mill drake breezy and rihanna

  • doc rovers

    @jamie lol. but for real, future needs to get the fuck off of hooks on songs. why do people think it sounds good? im speechless as to how he keeps getting gigs to be on hooks

  • RSX

    This is not music. This is noise.

  • Golden_$tate_God

    complain, b*tch, nag .. nobody is telling you have to buy it.

  • amazing

    who on this planet actually decides Future is good for hooks? anyways TI went in as usual and lil wayne on his random trash as usual. NASTY beat doe

  • Pauly D

    Wayne SNAPPED on this shit. Fuck yall hatin ass niggas

  • 2

    this type of shit has been done so many times before. therefore i dont like it



  • william b.

    I am a true hip-hop advocate and this song was better than I thought it would be. Not bad at all to be considered mainstream.

  • FakirWise

    I attempted to hold my comments about Khaled's music choices, but I strongly believe this guy doesn't know what direction he wants to head in.

  • pmj385

    Needed Yeezy on a third verse!