• jm

    what is this crap? lol

  • mm27

    finally a chic that can rap

  • iblameyou

    there is some random-ass crackhead doing his best Aaron Hall impression just outside of my window.

    that's not a window, Meka. it's your mirror. reality check.

    • http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

      > that’s not a window, Meka. it’s your mirror. reality check.


      try harder, please.

  • FspAlexDeezy

    Damn man i fux wit her after i saw her DJ and put a set before a kdot show in miami but this song was a disapointment. She has potential but she should go back to the stu and get her shit on point.

  • iblameyou

    the fact that you responded shows that YOU are the one who should try harder.