Lil Wayne: DEWeezy ep.2 (Video)

blame it on Shake August 15, 2012

Ever wonder why Wayne started skating? No? Well… he lets you know in the clip above.


  • Mike Tomlin

    HAHAAAAHAHAHA he is fucking TERRIBLE! Thats 4 months worth of practice? He cant even ollie. Cool knee pads bro. Put this time into music and maybe you could put out another good song or 2..

  • Cosigner

    LOL my thoughts exactly bro. Everytime I see him I’m like this dude is terrible. Understandable 4 months of skateboarding but damn, I had friends back in the gap that couldn’t skate yet they could pop an ollie lol. Music is in trouble. Nah, we’re happy.

    *rubs chin hairs* So… Dedication IV…

  • tonyhawk

    hey bro, you suck.

  • im’peretiv

    What’s the beat or sample in that clip?

  • Druggid

    Watching Wayne go crazy about skate boarding is kind of like talking to a 7 year old who’s excited about writing their first book entirely in crayon. It’s cool that he wants to challenge himself physically and mentally though, I just wish his music was an example of that.