Mach Five - Ratchet Sh*t: The Album (Mixtape)

The ATL crew compiled their dopehouse-presented series into one compilation, and added some new tracks to boot. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Mach Five - Ratchet Shit: The Album (Mixtape) | Alt

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  • DMAZ

    I feel like people sleep on Mach Five. dope shit

  • Chi2LA23

    Fucking love these guys! Glad they worked with Koopsta

  • Basedgod


  • DocNess

    I really dig how everybody payin' homage to the Memphis Scene!!! Alot of talented artist out of that city. I had a roommate that turned me on to alot of oldschool underground tapes out of that city. Amazing shit!!!!

  • gizzle

    really dug moon after moon and break out the bottle (and like a lot of the production on here) BUT man it got vocally corny after a while i tried 2x to hear it all out and couldnt feel it anymore

    also how come yall say turn up juice like turn up toose? drove me bananas


Calez - "Nirvana" (Video)

Off the Chicago native's Network Trappin' mixtape.

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