Your (2)Dope Opinion: Kendrick Lamar & Lady Gaga’s Upcoming Collaboration

blame it on Meka August 15, 2012

One Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta put up the above message on her timeline (as well as the song title “PARTYNAUSEOUS,” set to drop September 6th, before taking it down). We’ve known about the respect Gaga has for Kendrick’s music, and Kendrick has talked about trying to break and bridge the boundaries of “underground” and “mainstream” music. While I’m sure there are a myriad of opinions on this upcoming collaboration (I’m keeping mine to myself until I hear the end product), now it’s the dopeheads’ chance to divulge their thoughts on the c-section below.

UPDATE 6/20/15: Two and a half years later, “PARTYNAUSEOUS” has surfaced online.

  • Niko

    Fuck that bullshit.

  • As long as she stays on the hook I’m cool with it. I dont wanna see her gumping up a verse spot that could be put to good use otherwise

  • Billboy

    Talent + talent = A good thing. No matter what music genre you’re from. I approve. Can’t wait to hear what it sounds like…

  • K.I.N.G

    now give him the same hate you give all these other sellouts. i knew this would happen.

  • Jazzmatazz

    It depends …Wale’s Chillen wasnt “selling out” + plus the song turned out to be a dud. So we’ll see when it drops. Kendrick can slaughter anything. So have hope. Support our dude. Dont go all hipster. 2 years ago we was ALL screaming “THE STREETS SLEEPIN BRUH ..GO COP THAT O.D. STOP PLAYIN YO” Now the streets is getting hip to the man be happy for him yo. So let’s wait & see. I know some cornball is gunna be crying saying, “This was the last chance for Hip-Hop yo :'(” So time will tell.

  • HouseOfStarks

    I just hope it’s a better collab than ” Chillen” , it didn’t help Wale at all. I’m expecting Kendrick to have a number one album. If the chemistry is there they could surprise everyone with a west coast/east coast fusion record.

  • I’m all for an artist pushing themselves & trying new things, so I’m all for it…

  • You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    If the beat is the isn’t some GaGa type beat and she stays on the hook, it could be alright. Could be a hit.

  • $$$

    I trust Kendrick. That’s all.

  • red

    I just gave the O.D. a listen the other day and man I really forgot how real Kendrick keeps it. Don’t concern yourself over him selling out, what he is doing is advancing the music.
    If you want to listen to rappers keeping this shit for the streets go back for 2 Chainz or Waka.

  • Zak

    1. Kendrick Lamar is an artist willing to push his boundaries. I trust him with this.
    2. All this song could do is get Kendrick lots and lots of fans. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • DBS

    Good for him, I trust Kendrick, he keeps his music sounding like him no matter what.

  • John Jeezy

    Don’t do it… Look at Wale *Ugh*

  • Jonesy Stark

    This could be dope. We’ll just have to wait and say. I guess I’m one of three people who actually liked Chillin’ *Kanye Shrug*

  • K.I.N.G

    @red shut up faggotr. you and every other nigga cosigning this shit is probably the same niggas bagging on the niggas knee deep in this pop shit. y’all some hypocrites.

  • bxb

    Gaga’s in a much different spot than she was when she made “Chillin” so I think the sound won’t be anything like that. If anything, with the weed she’s been smoking lately (no, really, bitch loves her dank shit) she should end up making this dope as long as it’s not one of her own producers. I think this should go well for Kendrick tbh.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Can we at least hear the song before we open up a forum for people to bash this decision? Im not a dickeider but I do like to actually hear the music before I form an opinion, unlike most people on this site who choose whether a song is dope or nope strictly by the post title. Lady Gaga isnt Elton John, shes got a solid fanbase and is well respected in the music community, Id even say the hip hop crowd. Hopefully we dont have to wait long (TDE Tuesday?) to see what they come up with. If anyone can bridge the gap its Kendrick, as evidenced with Swimming Pools

  • K.I.N.G


  • youngtrend

    Damn B. Too bad that bitch ain’t give no producer credits in that tweet. I hope this ain’t no Red One beat yo. And if it’s for example a Dave or Sounwave how the hell Lady Gaga gonna fit in? It’s all good Kendrick still a beast but i’d rather have some Jhene Aiko on that record that Lady Gaga. + Partynauseous? Sup with that name. Dude already has Swimming Pools and that’s pretty much a hit so IDK why he gotta let Gaga hop on his track but aaight. Imma just wait till the track drops and then give my opinion about it.

  • how the fuck can you judge something you haven’t heard yet… smh

  • 773

    i mean he had gucci featured on his a track as well as gunplay and he made both of those songs into a banger…i wouldnt see why he couldnt make a banger wit gaga..

  • K.I.N.G

    i was skeptical at first, but now i’m certain, Cole > this nigga

  • BounceB

    nooo Kendrick dnt go the Wale route lol look at him now and he was supposed ta b one of hip hop’s saviors lol

  • AD

    its not selling out because lady gaga fans will gravitate towards him. I just hope she aint on the track yelling ra ra, and all that crazy ish..

  • EricDean

    Gaga will give Kendrick a mainstream platform that he wouldn’t otherwise have. So be grateful. Give him the benefit of the doubt, and watch him push lyricism and meaningful music forward. Lupe can’t be the only cat out there trying to do something positive. Change comes in numbers.

  • You cant really take this serious. I mean come on, it’s just so that more people will buy his album. I’m all for this dude making money, cause he’s dope and all that, but you just gotta watch out that you dont start repeatin this routine. + Lady Gaga is like insane and I dont like her at all. Never understood why people liked her in the first place. So I will listen to the track, shake my head when Lady Gaga’s part in the song comes, and just hope to enjoy kendrick doing his thing. It wont be one of the best tracks on the album though.. that’s for sure.

  • Siranomaly

    I heard eminem also has a song with Kendrick & gaga

  • Based

    I’m a fan of Gaga & Kendrick so I know it will be dope, Because Kendrick is a better artist than Wale. So I’m expecting a nice joint.

  • lol

    lol kendrick aint even wait till his second lp to sellout

  • KIM

    OH STFU! yall niggas will dick ride whatever Kendrick do



  • Nice

    @Based fan of gaga?? you must be a tranny

  • vern

    That Wally track wasnt even a gaga feature it was a sample of a track she had already done.

  • gucci

    Kendrick a pussy.They forcing him to put this tranny on his album & his album still not gonna sell shit.

  • IF it’s not good, then hopefully it won’t come out.


  • tyshawn

    idgaf is not like i was gonna buy his album anyway. welcome all the gaga fans to tde lol i’ll still download the bootleg & check it out though


    I like that he doing songs with trannys now maybe he will work with me so we can fuck


    This is a typical 2dopeboyz troll aka kendrick dickriders worst nightmare muaaaahahahahahaHAHahahHAHAHAHAAHAH THESE TROLLS MADD LMAOO AhahahAHhaHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahHAha


    hahahahahHahahahahahAHha im in tears, i hope its a RedOne beat – that would be hilarious

    the name of the song is “PARTYNAUSEOUS” ???!!!!??????????? BaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaAHAHAHhahahHAHahhAHhahHAHhHAHAHAH my stomach hurtsss~~~~ please tell me this is all a joke, i just woke up – this is too much to take in


    This doesnt make sense except for the fact that it will make money. This is not a progressive move musically at all. Hes not pushing music anywhere or any place creatively other than to the masses. Rap has become a popular genre of music if you grew up in the 90’s you didnt hear beats playing on Mcdonalds, Chevrolet commercials. Today you do. So just except that fact and don’t support BS like this.

  • Ass

    I have a feeling even if the song is dope yall still gon hate

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    “Chillin” was dope to me. Wale was spittin’.

  • SellOUT

    Like i said Lmao this clown is a S e l l O u t .

    Talking all that shit about the Govt & other things on his mixtapes but he makes a song with LADY I’m a Tranny GaGa that promotes bullshit to brainwash the youth .

    & didn’t also say He just wanted to keep it as a friendship?
    Looks like his Zionist Masters told his bitchAss to make a song
    with a tranny .

    He has 00000000000 Control

  • SellOUT

    & didn’t he also say***

  • @K.I.N.G @Niko John @Jeezy @BounceB @lol @gucci @FucccinHoesAllDayNICCA! and all the other trolls that love men, why you frontin? u would buy that song in a hot minute – we all know you like it in the poop shoot

    Kendrick X Frank X GaGa on a track would def be the best thing to ever happen to the gay hip hop community. Kendrick is exploring his limits and I applaud him for that, pussy ain’t all that bruh bruh, lets keep it 100. ALL THESE TROLLS NEED TO GET ON THEIR KNEES AND SALUT THEIR MASTER KENDRICK CUZ THEY DEFENDED EVER SINCE HE DEBUTED ON 2DOPEBOYZ AND NOW THEY WANNA LEAVE HIM, CHILD PLEEEEASSE

  • @K.I.N.G @Niko John @Jeezy @BounceB @lol @gucci @FucccinHoesAllDayNICCA! and all the other trolls that love men, why you frontin? u would buy that song in a hot minute – we all know you like it in the poop shoot

    Kendrick X Frank X GaGa on a track would def be the best thing to ever happen to the gay hip hop community. Kendrick is exploring his limits and I applaud him for that, pussy ain’t all that bruh bruh, lets keep it 100. ALL THESE TROLLS NEED TO GET ON THEIR KNEES AND SALUT THEIR MASTER KENDRICK CUZ THEY DEFENDED EVER SINCE HE DEBUTED ON 2DOPEBOYZ AND NOW THEY WANNA LEAVE HIM, CHILD PLEEEEASSE

  • @K.I.N.G @Niko John @Jeezy @BounceB @lol @gucci @FucccinHoesAllDayNICCA! and all the other trolls that love men, why you frontin? u would buy that song in a hot minute – we all know you like it in the poop shoot

    Kendrick X Frank X GaGa on a track would def be the best thing to ever happen to the gay hip hop community. Kendrick is exploring his limits and I applaud him for that, pussy ain’t all that bruh bruh, lets keep it 100. ALL THESE TROLLS NEED TO GET ON THEIR KNEES AND SALUT THEIR MASTER KENDRICK CUZ THEY DEFENDED EVER SINCE HE DEBUTED ON 2DOPEBOYZ AND NOW THEY WANNA LEAVE HIM, CHILD PLEEEEASSEE

  • @SellOUT


  • Ermac

    Lady Gaga is wack as fuck Kendrick will always be dope on the rhymes but I don’t see a track with them together being anything but horrible

  • Lolilol

    Lmao kdot got me trippin Eveen drake the most sellout nigga didn’t made a song with gaga but i guess she will be on da hook and the dude gonna make some lyrical shit as always we don’t have to worry kendrick will not go mainstream he will stick to his roots i don’t think he wants a popular fanbase that bad.

  • that truth

    if it was originally hers alone and hes gonna throw some verses on there, shits gonna sound like born this way 2.0. and with a title like that, i cant wait to hear kendrick rebel against smoking and drinking again and tell me and how his peers are wasting their lives. preachin ass nigga

  • SoDopeItsDope

    When have you heard a bad song from Kendrick?

  • trufisbak

    i’ma fan since his first e.p. but fuckin lady gaga?! c’mon son, i thought u were gonna keep it in-house and won’t change 4 shit?! fuck this shit mayne, f’real…

  • prince j

    I thought Kendrick Elmer Fudd sounding ass said he aint have no features on his album.

  • I’m not scared of this feature……..look what he did with Colin might be good

  • Based

    @Based fan of gaga?? you must be a tranny

    Nice said this on August 15th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Nahh, Im the nigga who fucked yo moms and yo girl at the same damn time

  • marty mcfly

    I dont see what the big deal is if Kendrick does a song with Lady Gaga. Thats what they supposed to do anyway, make music. One thing about trying to push music forward and be progressive is that you cant be afraid to do it. Fear and progression do not go together and once a artist starts to give a fuck about what other people gonna say, thats when they music is gonna start coming out wack. I say go ahead and make a song with Gaga, shit make two songs with Gaga, why not. If I was gonna put out a mainstream album id just go crazy with it cause fuck it you only live once. Shit id put Janelle Monae, Chester French, Dj Qbert, Mike Shinda, Premo, Currensy, Dead Prez and whoever else I feel like on it. Shit id let Kevin Hart rap on the shit if I feel like it, as long as the artist who’s name is on the cover is doing they job to the fullest then go ahead and make a song with whoever.

  • marty mcfly

    Shit let your dog bark on the album if thats what you wanna do. As long as the music comes out sounding dope then its all good.

  • who cares

    lmao and it starts. I knew Kendrick wouldn’t be able to keep it real. It was too good to be true. Fuck Gaga

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    lol @ this nigga, his first debut hasn’t even dropped but he got a collab on the album called PARTYNAUSEOUS with Lady Gaga???

    Dude, trolls always say how drake, j.cole, etc have sold out but man, this is a huge blow (no pun intended)

    wait, am I dreaming? Is this REALLY happening? I guess He want that LGBT fan base like Frank and Wiz…I kinda of understand now

  • Weezy F. Baby and the f is for phenomenal s

    lmaooooo i told u guys that he had a pop joint in the works before the recipe joint dropped post (look it up) but ya didn’t believe me….. but whoa, i didn’t know it was with Lady gaga!!!!??? maaaan this is crazy, this must have been suuuper recent – i should have asked about this from my insider

  • Weezy F. Baby and the f is for phenomenal s

    this surprised me, i was telling my other homeboys about the record and i thought it was going to be called the recipe but then it dropped it obviously wasn’t it so i thought it was one of those songs that would NEVER EVER EVER see the light of day. The production i heard was extremely similar to RedOne’s stuff LOL

  • Ibra

    label business. Dre probably doesn’t like that The Recipe and Swimming Pool isn’t so hyped up. They want a big single.

    Now I will just hope that it isn’t some bullshit and it still got that TDE feel. Gaga can sing, that all I got to say about her.

  • Zach

    One of Kendrick’s talents is taking things considered a bad idea and turning it into something dope. Think about it..

    “We should sample Gucci Mane.” … Vanity Slave 2 was dope.

    “Let’s get Gunplay on this..” .. Cartoon & Cereal is one of the most creative songs this year, and Gunplay, an artist I think is awful, did a great job.

    I could be wrong, and this could turn out garb, but I have faith it’ll still be good.

  • nyc

    lml how many songs does kendrick have already with a female on the hook?? what makes it any different if its lady gaga? you hipsters need to kill yourselves lol….admit it, ya dont want to see underground rappers get popular, this proves its not because they change their sound, because you havent heard the song yet so you wouldnt know…its because you know hes gonna get alot of mainstream attention lol oh well guess its on to the next underground rapper to dickride until he blows up an ya repeat the process

  • Ricki Lutes

    i’m happy on his behave as long as he’s in charge and not someone else, but i also have to say that i think it’s gonna be another mainstream track like the recipe and swimming pools -> if i dont like, i don’t like it that doesn’t mean i’m hating
    I still don’t understand why cartoon & cereal was cut from the album unless it had something to do with samples.


    Lol.. Hipster and inderground only people are such FUCKING FAGS… “He’s selling out” Stop being a douche. Working with a pop artist doesn’t mean he’s “selling out”. It means he has taste. Gaga can sing. Plus, expanding is always a good thing. People expect “underground” artists to do small venues and not sell a lot of records their whole career.. Lol Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants that. Stop being fags, and let the man be great.

  • So long as Kendrick spits hard and doesn’t compromise, it’s all good.

  • Frost

    I’m interested in hearing this shit…

    Fuck the haters…

  • meetGreetSuckMahMeat

    my fuckin (2)Dope Opinion is kendrick need to stay in his gotdamn lane..

  • noury

    I am exited about this. I can see it growing like Nas & Amy winehouse relationship. they made special music together.

  • zachariah

    Lady Gaga is not in the same space as she was when Chillin was done, let alone the fact that MIA was originally on the record. I can’t wait for this shit, gawd damn, finally a SURPRISING, EXCITING COLLABORATION.

  • LupeX

    Lady Gaga took the tweet down, prly bCoz it’s not yet certain that the trak will make tha album. Im curious to hear what they come up with. ppl can stop with the Drake & J.Cole ‘sell out’ comparisons bCoz them niggas sold out on they own, they didn’t need no help whatsoever. I hv the feeling that since Kendrick knows ppl will b all over his shit for a sellout track, this joint will actually b some crazy-concept shit. & Gaga is a wierdo, she aint yur regular pop star like Britney Spears, so it has the potential to b great.
    This discussion is quite pointless since there’s not enuf info to make any kind of fair judgement.
    I’ll leave by saying this, HipHop needs these kinds of moves so it can stay relevant. Music art forms can & do die out, it’s in the hands of ppl like Kendrick to stay relevant (mainstream) while still staying true to the art form.

  • The Lady Lamar proudly presents the Good Weezy in a Mad Drizzy
    rls date: after detox