• doc rovers

    can someone explain the context of that picture? haha

  • http://Twitter.com/Br1an_K1dd Brian Kidd

    He should use the picture for his album cover; lol but seriously he should.

  • DBS

    Sweet, Stimulus Package is a great album.

  • Cheeser

    That pic never gets old. Listening to the 4Loko Remix this morning my roommate asked who Freeway was and I showed him this pic.
    Basically it was the opening ceremony for some event and Jay invited Free to come down since it was in Philly. Freeway claims he was under dressed and that's why he wasn't posing for the pic. Someone else snapped this hilarious shot of Free looking salty as hell standing off to the side

  • Mike Tomlin

    Man, Philadelphia Freeway was one of my favorite albums ever. The production on that album was incredible. Bleek and Beans could only be jealous...

  • fuckthesuits

    How awesome is this pic? The symbolic nature of it?

    White America welcoming Jay-Z on one side, and then there's Freeway and the hood standing off the side with the American flag in the background.

    Freeway 4 Prez!

  • ROK

    this bullshit label still exists? HILARIOUS!!! damn shame this is the best Free could do, having been signed to this label and knowing how they do business makes me feel bad for him. He could do better staying on his own

  • Allout Mixtapes

    The HOUSE nigga & The FIELD nigga, Shout out to Freeway & SP!!!

  • DQ

    "Arguably the most revered lyricist to ever come out of Philadelphia, Freeway, returns to his roots.."

    How can you say arguably the most revered lyricist to ever come out of Philadelphia and in that same sentence use the word 'roots' and not thing of Black Thought, and then not go back and revise your statement?

    Music is obviously subjective to each individual's musical preferences, and I'm aware that you did use the words 'arguably' and 'one of', but c'mon. Black Thought is easily the most revered lyricist to come out of Philly

  • who cares

    Excited to hear the album, can't stop laughin' at that pic though

  • Ben

    Nice to see Freeway in the game!

    He should have been ready with the dress code lol funny pic

  • http://www.istandariseascreation.webs.com Phillykillabee82

    This is a great look for the independent label Babygrande and for ILLaDelph artist Freeway! I am so excited for Free Weezy since his last two gem droppers were hit classics, THE STIMULUS PACKAGE with Seattle's own producer Jake One and STATIK FREE EP with Boston's own producer Statik Selektah and there is even a long-awaited comeback from State Property to re-emerge again. Being a fellow ILLaDelph representative. I value quality music coming from an artist whose been grinding since those Roc-A-Fella days with State Property and ever since he has been proving himself worthy of being a mainstay. Unlike Cassidy, Whose been having a rough career hiatus and trying to stay relevant, Even though he has lyrically outboxed Free. He failed to stay on the grind and released acclaimed debuts and underground classics unlike Free, So i say BIG UPS to Free for doing his thing! Philly Loves You, Brother! I am looking forward to purchase DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.

  • bladaoh

    im glad free gettin deals cause hes a dope mc but babygrande isn't really the place to be. they are known for fuckin over their artists. pic is funny as hell tho

  • RealHipHop

    I was going to mention Black Thought in reference to your "Arguably the most revered lyricist to ever come out of Philadelphia" comment, but someone already blasted you for that. I'll just add that whoever wrote this article is a duduntadunt.

  • Soulful_Hip-Hop

    He should of went to Ryhmesayers.