Meek Mill vs Kevin Hart (Video)

Meek Mill, Kevin Hart and company get to cracking on each other back stage at the LA stop of the Dreams & Nightmares Tour. Hilarious.

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  • Kofstar

    Kevin Hart won this one easily lol.

  • DK

    Lmao he warned him like 10 times "stop rocking back & forth"

  • penny

    swear 2 god i aint laugh 1 damn time



  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Can't really knock Meek for his grammar and sh*t. Dude probably barely went to school. He was really out there hustling in the streets unlike his Boss.

  • penny

    fuck outta here nigga ion play that shit nigga got me fucked up you dont know me nigga

  • Perm UR FuckingWeaveTina

    KEVIN HART IS TOO FUNNY He literally killled every single one of meeks weak crew lol "go change outta ya sweatsuit bill cosby" Love him!!

  • Jordan

    Deray Davis/Mike Epps > Kevin Hart

  • trhte

    this was awkward. i dont kid like this with people i dont know.

  • ere

    yall stay letting this nigga have it for his name. lmao

  • ere

    wrong post. meant for tory lanez

  • Iza

    Shit wasn't funny except for the "jurassic park mouth" crack

  • smh

    did Penny really aim to start a fight..on a 2DOPEBOYZ POSTING!? nigga I have no faith in humanity

  • Jungz

    Kev aint funny..

  • jamie

    dee nigaz b acin up

  • I laughed out loud from the jump. Anyone who says this isn't funny, has NO sense of humor or is just a straight up hater...

  • Dee Wo

    He told dude he had on velvet

  • i wish i got baseball money

    lol everybody that spoke up got smacked across the mouth. he rly went down the line tho haha


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