[Opinion] Nas' Ghostwriting Controversy & How Social Media Has Ruined Journalism

blame it on Meka August 16, 2012

You see the "[Opinion]" at the top of the post? Yeah, this piece is just that: an opinion. Take it only as such.

The Nas ghostwriting controversy has shed light on just how much the lines are blurred between credible journalist and rookie blogger. Andreas Hale takes a look at the Nas story and how social media has ruined journalism.

READ: [Opinion] Nas' Ghostwriting Controversy & How Social Media Has Ruined Journalism

  • NastyNaS

    I don't see what's wrong with getting reference tracks, like Nas did with "Queens get the Money" and a few other "Untitled" tracks. But I highly doubt more than 10% of his discography is Ghostwritten.

    Nothing wrong with a little help every once in a while.

  • Mike Tomlin

    I mean its true but all social media did was give everyone an equal platform to speak from. Everyone has had their own opinions long before social media.

    As for Nas, this doesnt change a thing for me. Where was Jay Elec for Illmatic? [Untitled] was one of Nas worst albums so how is this negative for Nas in anyway?

  • ZemZ

    the well versed <<<<<<<<

  • Yeah, with what Mike said. This isn't a problem with social media more as it is a problem with just people in general.

    People have their own opinions, the ability to utter complete crap and even the right to not do some research before agreeing or believing in whatever was said by someone online.

    That's just life. Computers and the internet didn't just start this issue.

  • mikeczyk

    Social Media ruined journalism? WAHHHHHH. Man why don’t you date yourself a little more, grandpappy. Everyone is a rapper these days. Even my unborn. Are they ruining rap too?

    Journalism ruined journalism. If it was quality work, eyes wouldn’t stray. But when more accurate news is reported from people that are actually on the ground, not the payroll, it’s natural to make the switch.

    Perhaps you should write an article that Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” ruined the English language because it was admitted to the dictionary. Tears of a clown.

  • For a second, I thought Shake or Meka wrote this article, but then I snapped back to reality.

  • Thinker

    i'm amazed how much ppl are all in a bitch fit just because Nas is accused of having a ghostwriter. is that really something to have any animosity over? i really had no idea i was living among hot heads like this. smfh. society continues to surprise my ass

  • Druggid

    Almost every single mainstream artist has people 'ghostwrite' for them at some point. This can range from single getting some help on a verse, to having an entire song written for them. None of us know how much of Nas' material is not written by him, so we shouldn't act like we do. I very much enjoyed Untitled, and I think the fact that Sticman and Jay Electronica helped Nas make the album is a positive thing. You can really feel both of them in the album, but you still get the same sound that you would expect from a Nas album.

  • jwiii

    Stop blaming the internet. it's the greatest form of communication man has created. it's the most liberal and open. it allows the flow of information from the smallest man to the biggest wallet. a call to responsibility is a must but even if the immediate haze of such information the truth will be revealed. if nas used them, nas used them. some one is distorting the truth somewehre.

  • O

    For a second, I thought Shake or Meka wrote this article, but then I snapped back to reality.
    Alteez said this on August 16th, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Got damn, go head.

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