• sto

    I wish I was on that plane... damn.

  • alec

    i wish an air marshall tasered them all in the goddamn eyeball to protect our country

  • Stating facts.

    If those women were foreign-looking, someone would have jumped on them in a heartbeat.

  • feh

    i'm thinking what the guy behind them in the aisle is thinking:

    bitch sit down

  • $$$

    Guess I'm moving to Prague.

  • juice

    Id kiss every single one of these girls. Dam

  • pinebox

    alec, u a boss with the comments doe.

    he fucking right. where air support at to fuck up their shit?

  • doc rovers

    if this happened to me id be scared shitless. especially if the music wasnt playing; which we dont know if it was or not haha. multiply that if i just came outta the bathroom like that guy

  • Jordan

    What happened to: "Fasten your seat belts at all times while in the cabin"? lol

  • Kurly1997

    Flash mobs dancing on planes doesn't impress me. Flash mob orgies on planes though!!!!

  • Wito

    Lottts of pretty ladies on plane :D &
    autotune huh ?