Kanye West’s Dancers Perform “Runaway” On A Plane (Video)

blame it on Meka August 17, 2012

The lovely ladies who back up Kanye during his tours decided to flash mob the plane they were on with an impromptu performance of their My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy routine. *dead* at the looks on some of the passengers that don’t know what’s happening.

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  • sto

    I wish I was on that plane… damn.

  • alec

    i wish an air marshall tasered them all in the goddamn eyeball to protect our country

  • Stating facts.

    If those women were foreign-looking, someone would have jumped on them in a heartbeat.

  • feh

    i’m thinking what the guy behind them in the aisle is thinking:

    bitch sit down

  • $$$

    Guess I’m moving to Prague.

  • juice

    Id kiss every single one of these girls. Dam

  • pinebox

    alec, u a boss with the comments doe.

    he fucking right. where air support at to fuck up their shit?

  • doc rovers

    if this happened to me id be scared shitless. especially if the music wasnt playing; which we dont know if it was or not haha. multiply that if i just came outta the bathroom like that guy

  • Jordan

    What happened to: “Fasten your seat belts at all times while in the cabin”? lol

  • Kurly1997

    Flash mobs dancing on planes doesn’t impress me. Flash mob orgies on planes though!!!!

  • Wito

    Lottts of pretty ladies on plane :D &
    autotune huh ?