Wale - Bag of Money (Extended Remix) f. Trina, Rockie Fresh & Tyga

Wale unleashes an extended remix of the Self Made Vol. 2 single "Bag of Money" now featuring the likes of Trina, Rockie Fresh and Tyga (along with Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, French Montana and Black Cobain).

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  • Rozko

    Is it me or does everyone look gay in this pic?

  • kayo

    Man...remember when Wale put out a song called "Artistic Integrity"..yeah, bout that....

  • juice

    could this remix have anymore wack rappers in it? Possibly the most garbage remix released in this millenium.

  • realtalk™

    Whose arm is that on Wale shoulder LMAO.. as for the music, I stopped checking for Wale a looong time ago..

  • Daren

    He might have lost focus for a min, but my boy still got bars

  • seven features on a track wasn't enough tho? you had to go and throw three more wack ass dudes on the track? k.

  • Rick Ross

    Look niggas, stop hating on my little homie Wale, I signed him bcawz he a dope muthafuckin artist, and did you see Attention Deficit sell?? Nah me either, I put dat fuck nigga on!
    I know Omarion is wacker than my left nut, yo bad business decision there, i was drunk and high at the time so ay UGGHH fuck it!!!
    I still got more money than you sucka ass niggas in the comments, come get me

  • Tony

    I wish this dude would stop playing Rick Ross' sidekick for a minute and do his own thing.


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