Black Hippy Perform “Black Lip Bastard (rmx)” Live At Rock the Bells 2012 (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 19, 2012

Ab-Soul, accompanied by his Black Hippy la familia perform Black Lip Bastard remix at Rock the Bells 2012.

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  • wat

    Damn, no Jay Rock verse.


    really wish they would have done that right. That would be sick live.

  • xyz123

    TDE are NOT good performers.. They can all rap their asses off.. But are typical rap performers.. Rappers need more artistry in their shows.. That’s why Kanye, Jay-Z, and Lupe are the live show KINGS… This performance sucks.

  • that truth

    dude above me knows whats up. these guys are TERRIBLE live. they sound like shit and have 0 crowd interaction. you cant be a complete mc if your shows suck when thats where you make a vast majority of your money

  • Sadstory

    I give them a year. Jay rock will leave first. puffy second. And that’s that

  • NYdreams

    lmaoooo that performance was all fucked up …. ab soul forgot his verse so schoolboy q had to save his ass and they didnt even let the nigga witt the best verse perform .. shout out to the crowd tho man cause niggas coulda booed the fuck outta them niggas

  • NYdreams

    oh and kendrick started 2 early … them niggas was on a roll with Ls in the performance but fuck it the crowd still loved it

  • jay

    yeah that was a bad performance no jay rock verse i waiting for his verse

  • 5th

    I agree with y’all on the most part but this is just one performance of black hippy together, Schoolboy puts on one of the best shows an artist can possible do, and ab soul has a very strong performance as well. Kendrick is good live for the most part but I’ve noticed it really depends which songs he’s performing. As for Jay Rock..only seen him live once and he spit exactly how he does on his tracks. Y’all just gotta remember that kendrick and most of black hippy record their tracks with such scattered vocals and emotion in the booth not to mention Ali’s mixing of the track theres no way you should expect to hear the performance exactly as the song was made. These dudes are just having fun right here and let the perfomance get sloppy thats all.

  • 5th

    oh and kendrick fucked this whole performance up by coming in off beat on his verse, completely threw everyone off but its all good haha

  • that truth

    youre supposed to write your verse so you can perform it live. when youre a rapper who has to punch in every other bar in the booth youre not gonna be able to perform the song well, theres no excuse. and kendrick yells when he performs, he sounds nothing like he does on the track. this is a fundamental of emceeing and a guy ppl are calling the savior of hip hop is shitty at a very important element

  • Lakeview

    LMAO I fucks wit TDE to the fullest but this performance wasn’t a good look AT ALL. You can’t be doing a posse cut like this where you trading verses and fuck it up this bad when you perform it live. They did a video for this song (which requires multiple takes when shooting) so they all should’ve had the lyrics down pat by now. Individually they kill shit but they gotta work on this type of thing as a group.

  • B Block

    WOW this shit was all fucked up. Kendrick sounds like a dying donkey when he performs live.


    @5th said it best. and @that truth couldn’t be more wrong. their style is so unique in terms of their delivery, that it is not conducive to live performances at times. individually, they can put on a show. I’ve seen kendrick, q and soul. this is one performance where they were fucked up. did they make a mistake? yes. but you cannot judge them based on this performance.

  • LaidbackLewis

    I guarantee Jay Rock remembered his verse too lol

  • Nibiru

    You guys are all funny as fuck. They obviously were fucking around. Go critique the notebook pussies, TDE nigga

  • Dumb niggas are funny

    People give these guys too many passes.. @Niburu They were obviously fucking around?? Being an mc, and a performer in general means your live show is one of the most important aspect of your craft.. And someone said something about they can’t do the track as good live because of their emotion in the booth?? Dude @xyz123 was on point.. Lupe and Kanye give CRAZY emotion both on record and live.. There’s no exceptions.. They just suck live. Can still rap good though.

  • PUSH “200” MONTANA

    @Nibiru AGREED. lmao @ the trolls that went hard on this performance. The sweetness in the c section is amazing today, its like all of TDE’s publicists and lobbyist came here and left a comment.


  • Jerel

    Jay Rock was looking like he was ready to get the fuck out of there. Lol.

  • @that truth

    But how you know they gotta punch every verse in though, you be in the studio with them niggas?

  • wat

    People will light me up but Machine Gun Kelly gives the BEST performances. He makes shitty music but his performances are CRAZY.

  • Chris

    in TDE’s Defense the sound crew screwed up on both stages for the first day…. DIP SET stopped they show until they got it together… and how dare RTBs promote Black Hippy individually the whole time and within the last week they so nope all on one stage 40 minutes for the whole screw….fml

  • Astroblack

    Kdot started off cue.. Ab-Soul actually tried to save the shit by repeating his 1st few lines at the right time… I don’t think he forgot his lyrics… The look on his face was priceless tho

  • Nicholas Minaj

    no jay rock verse? this was boo boo anyways…

  • spencer

    black lipped faggot

  • spencer

    ab soul sucks

  • JC

    Was there’s hit was boring and dull and I’m a TDE fan. Honestly was disappointed very boring, also the fact that they ll has to share time. Left his performance for dipset

  • These guys are great performers especially kendrick!…….you could tell that was a spur of the moment shit….. and who ever saying they are not good performers have you seen any of them live???…

  • mdz

    It must have been a last minute change up cuz it sounded like Kendrick said “Black Hippy ‘Say Wassup’, let’s go!”

  • Agustin

    They were not suppose to perform together, they were suppose to each have there own hour and they fucked them over and put them all together so they were mad AF and just want to fill there contract and get the F out of there.