J. Cole Debuts New Song At Rock The Bells (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas August 19, 2012

On Day 1 of Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, CA, J. Cole premiered a new song for the fans titled “I’m A Fool”.

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  • RT

    damn. dude is just on his A game right here.

  • coolCat

    sounds like more of the same. Cole is dope but he needs to evolve to stay relevant

  • Can’t with for Cole to release this and some more new stuff.

  • mR

    more realness from Cole. always appreciated

  • Thinker

    ” Cole is dope but he needs to evolve to stay relevant”
    Stay the same and he isn’t relevant, chenge it up and he’s a sellout. Fickle ass fans man

  • Rezo201

    Probably just a throwaway song like the other random songs he has dropped. He needs to drop a tape, an ep, or something. I can’t see another album coming anytime soon since he hasn’t even mentioned anything about one other than saying he is working on it. His album is probably at least 6 months away. It’s already been almost a year since his album dropped, he needs some kind of project out there. It would be smart marketing on his part to keep himself relevant with the casual fans.

  • SDOT

    ^^^^ @Thinker you’re absolutely right…its a shame. What is a nigga to do? Fuck fake fans, this shit IS TOUGH

  • FrostTimothy

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  • King Henry

    His new mixtape/EP is dropping in a few weeks, according to some people who know the inside info. This is a song off of it.

  • AJ

    he need to drop that college shit, it’s getting really old. Other than that he’s cool.

  • Joseph.A

    This stuff cracks me up when i see it…RELEVANT!

    Good Music is good music regardless of the time span and time lag of releases. Jay Electronica will be relevant cause i BELIEVE as a fan, in the worth of his Gold. Same with Cole. And music that is timeless is God Music transending relevance.

    The world is shittier everyday, but i bet Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ still knocks when we dead and gone.

    So get to believing bro. When Cole is irrelevant- Tell me I told you so.

    Cole World.

  • marty mcfly

    Smoke Dza’s version (He Has Risen) >>> This shit

  • thatrealshit

    sounds pretty dope. verses kinda went around in circles tho when it seems like there was potential to hit ppl with some real deep shit, i dont hate it tho, not bad at all

  • PUSH “200” MONTANA

    THE FIRST VERSE OF THIS SONG >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything that Slaughterhouse ever created or laid breathe on or will ever utter

    THE TWO LAST LINES OF THIS SONG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything TDE’s artists ever ever came out with and will ever come out with



  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ SH, My Life and Hammerdance singles >>> J Coles Work Out and Cant Get Enough

  • malcyvelli

    new track was nice, hook seems to be needing more um, words, but everything else about it was ill

  • Jeanius

    Instead of comparing Cole’s work to Slaughterhouse, TDE and Smoke DZA, why dont yall dummies admit that theres alot of dope shit out there to celebrate. Not long ago we were flooded with Waka, Soulja Boy and OJ the Juiceman. Now yall comparing dope to dope and still complaining. GTFOH….

  • jb

    He’s white, but also half black so does him being half black justify the use of the word nigga.

  • MyFiddyCents

    This can’t be denied.

  • 1hunnit

    @jb One drop rule

  • coolCat

    Ok so its ok for the dude to rap about his college experience for the rest of his life? the dude needs to find a way to flip his subject matter, thats what i mean by “relevant” and “evolve”. Maybe that went over your head @thinker. Jeez fickle ass backpackers man.

  • JReezy

    @jb The nigga is bi-racial so I’d say yes. You don’t drop one of those whenever it’s convenient. He’ll always be white and he’ll always be black.

  • PeeWee

    I dont see why I never hear anything about Fat Joe saying nigga never understood that