• FrostTimothy

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  • Fuck u niggas

    Hit Boy had zero stage presence. Lol good for his first time though. And Kendrick is an amazing rapper, shitty performer..

  • mcd

    Wow haha Ab Soul forgot his verse on that black lip bastard remix

  • MikeLA

    It was aight, I dunno if it was worth the $200 plus the over priced water/food. The fact that it was that hot and there was no shade made it Hell forreal. People passin out from heat stroke left and right n shit. Rock the bells don't care for the fans at all just their money. I met shake tho that was pretty cool. Just venting..

  • Frost

    ^^^ thats why i went ahead and sold my tickets...

    cant stand the heat.....plus i won them shit's at work, so i'd rather have the cash...