Slaugherhouse – On the House (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 19, 2012

There may have been a slight delay, but Shady’s four horsemen finally drop their precursor to welcome to: OUR HOUSE. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Slaugherhouse – On the House (Mixtape) | Alt

  • iYoungB


  • buckets

    haters suck a dead man’s dick.


  • Somebody send ya boy a non-Datpiff Alt. linkage!!

  • dev

    its about fucking time

  • dev

    whats with the bootleg link?

  • Boy2Man

    To be honest i wasn’t expecting much but half way through and i love it

  • Tyree

    Royce fell the fuck off, I won’t mention him.

  • nate

    illest shit this year for rhymeheads

  • dev

    Sucka MC’s is dope as fuck

  • lino

    shit is pretty dope so far

  • WAT

    This mixtape > Their album

  • Fool

    Tyree…too late.

  • dev

    joe budden is absent from the first 5 songs!! what the fuck

  • The Kid 206

    Niggas must’ve been mad at all the backlash about the albums singles, cus they goin HARD on this shit! HOUSE GANG!!!

  • JXN

    Dope mixtape! Does anyone have the full production credits?

  • Rezo201

    This was mixed like ASS, I mean this wasn’t mixed AT ALL. I’m trying to listen to it, but either I hear them yelling in my ears or on some songs I can’t hear them at all. If you call yourself the “the best rap group” at least put effort + money into the production of your projects…

  • Cloud 9

    Fuck datpiff…. phony fan made tapes are annoying as shit.. lol imo

  • andosca

    damn some dudes can’t fucking appreciate free music when they get it, can they?

  • A.I.

    Dev, if listen to Weight Scale, you can clearly hear Budden… Listen to the music and stop skimming through it…

  • Big-O

    Great tape so far. Slapping the fuck outta this.

    @Dev Chu talkin’ bout blud? Nigga’s on Weight Scale. I’m listening to him right now. lmfao.

  • stan the man

    fuck datpiff. i need a better link.

  • damniaintscared

    YES. This is Slaughterhouse.

  • Thinker

    @rezo201 they did, it’s called the album

  • sircatalyst

    I just need to know if DJ drama is tolerable on here.

  • pigface


  • allhiphop


    Listen to royce da 5’9’s verse on Truth Or Truth Pt 1



  • JAD534

    @sircatalyst He’s barely present. No worries

  • FrostTimothy

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  • Schuyler

    It’s the SHIT…………Slaughter rules the game right now….Everything they drop slaps…..What up my C.O.B. niggas…

  • pILLpusha

    Been waiting for this!! House Gang!!

  • Ace

    what song did they get the “back the fuck up” instrumental from? shit sounds familiar

  • My name = Mediafire

  • ftr

    @Ace all i know is that’s a StreetRunner production

    I know “On The House” for sure and I think I love the original song, can somebody remind me where’s this beat from? I need to know this, damn

  • nate

    Royce and Crooked go HAM on that Cold beat

  • Fiend

    @Ace that’s a Nicki Minaj track from the Roman Reloaded, I just can’t remember it off the top of my head.

  • Si

    Not meaning to sound ungrateful, but an unmastered 192 kbps mixtape in 2012? Get the fuck outta here.

    With a little bit of effort, this would have been the mixtape of the year but as it stands, it’s damn near unlistenable on a decent sound system. Fucking iPod generation.

  • Ace

    @Fiend @ftr goodshit yall it’s “Roman In Mascow”…the real instrumental’s hella hard to find, hopefully along with Dream Hampton’s corpse

  • shut up

    as a charles hamilton fan i really dont give a fuck about the sound quality on this

  • Fiend

    Why the Juggernauts song didn’t make it on the album will baffle me for as long as I live….

  • trukfit schwag;)

    these guys suck bad smh.whens young money album dropping plz?

  • Mike

    good stuff, glad they dropped this

  • Ermac

    Royce is fuckin awful now he fell way the fuck off, tape is pretty dope tho enough tho they were too damn cheap to get the shit mastered

  • Ermac


  • whewww

    THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN CRAZY! Fuck everybody Slaughterhouse doin this shit…
    how can you hate this. Slaughterhouuuuuuuse!

  • X-Terminator

    DOOOOPE ! Doper than I thought, honestly ! This could be a stand-alone (minus some industry-production and the mastering) .. !

  • 136645

    i dont even think they can do it anymore honestly the only way i see slaugterhouse happing is if they keep doing tracks like on the on house with one or two verses and keep it simple or at least step it up cause it aint cutting it… its cool

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    This mixtape sounded like it was mixed in a cassette player, whhhhhhy does it so sound so amateurish???

    The songs are sooo0o0o0o boring, I fell asleep half way into it. When I woke up…I realized I was hungry. Garbage, Garbage, Garbage.
    (***Rips of the badge of: “potentially being one of hip hop most iconic rap group” off of each member of Slaughterhouse and slaps Joe Budden for frontin on that lil wayne track.***)

  • ewgew

    woq the mixing is awful. sounds like they recorded at lloyd banks house. amateur shit

  • This is called Garbagae/ Rather listen to Kirko Bangz with 2 spliffs with 2 riffs and 2 humps. Bottom line, When I look to get fly I put on Kirko. No one likes slaughterhoes. no one sun. say hello gotta do what i do. said ya neckas cant do it like kirko, say hello, i take a look around the club i fucked errrbody. Olderize it. Someone said Kirko aint the hottest? Yallz zome lamez. No one can do it harder than KiRKo right now. Slaughtercrap. hahahaha if you like Slaughterhoes then your namne is Kyle or Joshua or Tyler. Son, you aint street. Neither is 4 sold out bumz, monkeys. How bout this, even rick ross spits betta than the slaughterhoes. Want some body. Girl you know how much i know you want somebody.seriuouly joe budden sux. Royce da 59 think he a rider, but we all seen how he got sonned by D12. He herbed himself on Beef 2. That DoOd CroOked, he got dropped by death row after it died. HAhahaha he couldnt even last on a dead label and Ortiz?? Son that dude is nothing but a glorified ice cream man. Get with the real for 2013, Kirko Bangzm bitches

  • S/o to “On the House” for the Alt. Linkage in the name!!!!!!

  • 123

    the best

  • lino

    this shit is flames

  • jb

    mixtape of the year. ah, this is hip hop…

  • jb

    but who said royce fell off? track 5- ya talkin is directed at you HATERZ. listen and embrace…


  • Bigpurn

    The same people that hate on this are the same reason why hip hop sucks for the most part today. Go listen to your souja boy and leave the real ish for us real hip hop heads to enjoy .

  • Monoxide

    here is a mediafire link….

  • C-Mack11

    V6: The Gift > On The House

  • al


  • elninodekaos

    I heard the track/tema from these guys with marshall, really good i hope it gets big so they can come to southern cali. I listen to lost of punk rock and i think this could be a nice change since i was young been hearing alll kinds of genres; anyway i just want to say i can really be listening to this in the future.Thanx to all the guys who worked to post this up.

  • Bigdog

    @Robbie Maynard The III
    I’m not even sure where to start with this. You are so obviously in love with Kirko Bangz. You couldn’t be a bigger dick rider if he was inside you right now. The only 2 humps you want are the two times he fucks you. Once when he takes your money and once when he fools you into listening to his shitty music again.

    Now, I’m not even going to start on your 4th grade level intelligence or your butchering of the English language. I’d be surprised if anyone can make sense of your post but I’m going to hit on a couple of the finer points. First off saying no one likes SH makes you look like a retard because factually this post alone has over 500 likes so you’re already 500% wrong. What you mean is that you don’t like SH and you think that by posting your opinion on here you can get someone else to suck Kirko off with you. The reality is that your opinion isn’t worth shit.

    You mention that anyone who says Kirko aint the hottest is a lame. Well, not a single radio station in the country has one of that guys songs in the #1 spot. Neither does Billboard. Neither does Sound Scan. Neither does MTV or VH1. His current “hit” Drank in my cup debuted at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100. I guess 96 is close to a 1…if you mean the one in 100.

    You are the only person apparently who thinks he’s the hottest. So everyone else is lame? I don’t think so. I think it just means you have a taste for shitty music, and Kirko Bangz dick. And for the record, his video on youtube, has less views than Kreayshawn. Yep, he must be the hottest!

    I also liked how you tried to make it sound like only white people listen to Slaughterhouse. That’s clever. You’re saying white people’s opinion in music is worth less than black people’s. I guess that in your mind a rapper is only good if only black people listen to them. You do realize that due to population in this country most music is purchased by white people and therefore to be successful a rapper needs white and black fans. What you’re implying is that all good rappers should never be successful or sell a lot of albums because white people suck. Great theory. I guess Jay-Z and Nas and Dr. Dre should just go kill themselves for having so many white fans. You could not be any dumber.

    Also, for the record, the origin of the name Tyler is black, not white. Again you’ve proved you have no idea what you’re talking about. And this guys real name is Kirk Randle, currently attending Prairie View A&M University. You really wanna keep harping on names? You lose.

    You also imply that Kirko Bangz is street. This should be self explanatory but I’m gonna point it out anyway. He is a fucking pop, R&B, commercial ass, wannabe Drake. He has zero street cred. None. And claiming Rick Ross spits better than any of these four guys is just dumb. Rick Ross does the same song every time. He might as well have just put out Hustlin’ with a different beat 400 times. He has no creativity or lyrics. Not to mention he’s never hustled a day in his life. He was a CO. That means everything he’s ever rapped is a fake ass lie. But that would explain why he fits into your taste in music. Garbage.

    Now, as for The Slaughterhouse Gang. You can’t argue their cred. They have records. They have been in the game for years and are still around. They have fans. They sell out shows. Royce never got sonned by D12, but since we know your taste I can see how you would misunderstood. And Crooked, you expect him to “last on a dead label”? How if the label isn’t around, that has nothing to do with him. Again, you’re an idiot. And calling Joell a glorified ice cream man just proves my point that you are insane. That doesn’t even make sense.

    I think you should keep your shitty opinions and comments to yourself. Or at least go make them on posts about Chief Keef, Drake, Rick Ross or whatever other garbage ass pop rappers you listen to. Leave the real hip hop to the real fans. Enjoy Nicki Minaj’s next single!

  • az2mia

    Bigdog, thanks for saving me from tearing this clown a new asshole. If you don’t know what the fuck you’re talkin about (ie calling Slaughter garbage then even mentioning Kirko in the same paragraph), just shows his level of comprehension and appreciation for actual lyricism. Kirko has a place, not to knock him, but he’s not even in the building if you’re talkin about Slaughterhouse. Anybody that has actually listened to (and HEARD) them already knows that they bring it. Name 4 Emcees sicker than those 4, and if so, let’s compare both bar-by-bar.

    Keep supporting that commercial bullshit haters. I’m going to the store and buying Welcome to Our House, something I haven’t done in a minute (and by minute I mean a long f’n time) just to support these cats and show my appreciation for their drive and skills and bringing REAL HIP HOP BACK.
    Robbie… do know that you can’t fit Kirko, Rick the Rent-A-Cop “Rose”, and Nicki Minaj’s dick in ur mouth at the same time right (which is surprising, as big as your mouth is)? Take turns. Oh yeah, and the next time you think about posting some bullshit, at least attempt to make sense. Kirko 2013! SMH and LOL…just when I thought the human race was evolving…

  • yup

    Bigdog and az2mia were successfully trolled