blame it on Shake August 19, 2012

Rock The Bells 2012. Photo by Oliverdeeznutz.

This past week, Top Dawg Entertainment wanted to show appreciation to their fans. Including a hilarious clip of Kendrick and Q acting out on the tour bus and solo tracks from each of the Black Hippy members. All of which are linked to below.

TDE: Jay Rock – YOLA (prod. Dave Free) | Ab-Soul – Nibiru (prod. JMSN) | ScHoolboy Q – Party (prod. Kenny Beats) | Kendrick Lamar – Westside, Right On Time f. Young Jeezy

  • Kato

    we got appreciation for you TDE HIIpower!!!!

  • shake n meka smokin dat mecka

    like omg i love tde and i appreciate them a lot and there like so funny this clip of them is just hilarious like if i was there i would suck there dicks because there so funny cvheck it out click the link :)

  • Bawse


  • smh

    these niggas are officially lame as hell

  • you

    TDE runs this shit.

  • Brap Brap

    Yola > Party > Nabiru > Westside, Right on Time

    Rock killed yola

  • Thomas Carcetti

    lol yall stans steady tryin to pretend Rock is nice. that nigga is irrelevant

  • Joseph.A

    #TDE the Team.

    Everyone comes with something. Rock, Q, Soulo, and Mr. Lamar. It’s even better everyone has thier preferences, but don’t hate on no one yo.

    Rock ABSOLUTELY muredered Black Lip Bastard remix. Habits And Contradictions is one of the sickest albums this year, and Q be a funny brother. Soul’s been doing his thing, lyrically and intriguingly with nibiru, pineal gland; tryna educate WE peeps.

    And y’all already know Kendrick. Come October 2nd.

    HiiPower and Much Love.

    P.S- Rock the Bells performance was JOKESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Q with his belly and Soul high as fuck!

  • ji_gantus

    TDE all day erryday bringin that heat. all we need now is for them to come to the UK. WESTSIDE!

  • FrostTimothy

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  • wat

    lol that guy put Yola and Party above Nibiru and WSROT.

    Westside, Right on Time > Nibiru > Party > YOLA

    Ab-Soul is my favorite TDE member and Jay Rock is my second, but that’s irrelevant to these songs. As usual Kendrick is the best SONG-MAKER with Westside, Right on Time (getting Jeezy on the record was genius, both rappers sounded right at home on that beat), and Ab-Soul was on some lyrical thought-provoking shit. Party and YOLA were decent songs but they were WAY too generic. Westside, Right on Time and Nibiru brought something new to the table.

  • ^^^^ THIS NIGGA IS STUPID AS FUCK, yola > nibiru > party > westside right on time

  • markaveli

    TDE>>>>>>>>>>your favorite rapper, group, crew, record label.

  • ^ tupac > tde haha lol got you there

  • OhGawd



    TDE THO !

  • realtalk™

    i thought YOLA was pretty dope too.. but really, all these songs are obvious throwaway tracks from their respective recent projects..

  • ^tru

  • Stephanie

    Maaaaan, I’ve been coming to this site for so long, I’ve watched people turn their backs on so many emcees because they start to get a little shine, but now TDE too? You guys are mad retarded. You KNOW TDE is holding shit down and putting out quality music, but you STILL wanna hate. So fucking pathetic. Black Hippy’s running shit. FACT.

  • hejsa

    TDE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> getting your dick sucked by Sasha Grey

  • Dre

    TDE All Day Thoo ! I Think That Ab-Soul, A$AP, Schoolboy q, and Danny Brown Should Do A Smoking Song Together ! I’d Light Up To That !