• bitch_nigga

    Any idea if he plans on leaking/dropping the CDQ version anytime soon?

  • http://starvedartistry.tumblr.com AyeTajiddin

    Terrible "sample." Not creative at all.

  • TheBlackGodX

    I hope so this that Cole that I've been fiendin' for wasn't really feeling grew up fast or the cure

  • Nick1

    the cure and grew up were dope

  • TheBlackGodX

    The Cure was ehhh. But Grew Up Fast was garbage. Money falling out my pockets I got too much cash, cheap nigga if you was liquor I'd probably throw yo ass up, grass mow yo ass up, sounded like some lil wayne tyoe shit

  • swageezy

    ^ "only fuck w hatricks, biches with a few goals" that was a dope line tho

  • $$$

    J. Cole fans are some bitter ass dudes, haha.

  • (l,k)

    sounds like charles hamilton produced this smh cmon son. he was rappin hard though

  • youngsimba06

    fuck you niggas comments, this shit was great.. good feeling bout this album.. those otha 2 songs are throw aways

  • Kool

    dude in the picture to Cole's right looks like he about to start a sissy fight with him

  • frakiki

    yall niggas complain to much, its like you could do better LMAO

  • ddave

    Not the best beat choice, but he killed it.