Knocka – Watch Out (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

blame it on Shake August 20, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Knocka – Watch Out (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

  • Oh damn, Knocka get SGP on the production? Maybe this will take him to the place A$AP Rocky is at, though this beat ain’t as hard as the hits he made for Rocky.

  • This nigga jacking A$AP Rocky’s style.

    So much niggas dickrding Rocky’s style, smh.

    Rocky>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>these copy niggas

  • Ruler

    this nigga is harder than Rocky wtf… ^^^

  • Jonesy Stark

    Solid joint, mosdef flush with Purrp production,folk.

  • X

    This Rocky Purp Beef has gotten out of control. Both are dope. Don’t support this shit.

  • RealTexasTrill

    This shit real man. Im glad knocka and purrp teamed up. Niggas Know rocky is fake. Thats why they connecting and making real shit.

  • mrwhatwhat

    i hope niggas know knocka used to run with asap..before they start saying he stole rocky’s style

  • gt

    i hope people know before rocky jocked sgp this was the guy he used to copy and look up to

  • Rocky was doing that trill shit before salty SGP.

    This Knocka nigga is a fake. Look up his older songs, now then listen to this… HAHAHAHA!

    Nigga jacking Rocky’s style.

  • truth

    this bitch above.. shut up. listen to rocky before his mixtape. but obviously u dunno shit. rocky jacked sgp whole style. stop promoting fake bullshit

  • @truth this nigga is stupid.

    Acting like SGP was the first nigga doing trill shit.

    All I know is Rocky blew up first, then people started fucking with SGP. If Rocky didn’t blow up, SGP wouldn’t be shit.

    Dumb niggas just hating cause everyone else does it. Stop following niggas.

  • ^You know who was doing that trill shit before Rocky, the whole fuckin south

  • III


    Lmao I know right…motherfuckers acting like Rocky OR SGP started their styles of music. Not at all.

    Anyways…I swear some of y’all are just liking this dude to be hipsters and side with the less known person rather than Rocky. There’s a reason Rocky blew up and this dude didn’t; it’s because he’s average. Haven’t heard one song from Knocka that made me want to listen to it a 2nd time around.

  • D.

    ^^cosign knocka is lame
    rvxdxr klvn all day

  • The South jacked A$AP Rocky.

    Everyone is jacking the homie.

    Knocka sucks and SGP is a salty little nigga.

  • bitch my name isn’t important, you the feds?

    this nigga really said “The South jacked A$AP Rocky.
    Everyone is jacking the homie.” AHAHAHA Yo brah rocky said himself he’s influenced by the south. sgp is influenced by the south too they just happen to have similar influences because nor sgp or rocky originated grills,chopped & screwed. none of that. jay-z had a grill before the bouls & he didn’t even originate that & that was 88′ my nigga lol you guys on the internet are funny & ignorant. why are you arguing about shit you really dunno about?