• QZA

    i can't believe how fast the internet is going on campus right now. DJ Booth just finished in like 14 seconds, i'll blaze one and give this a solid listen when i get home. Daytona is smooth with the flow.

  • MacDoober

    i doubt it'll be the last free project, but if so way to be a douche. people that drop albums still drop free tapes, and half the time the tapes are better than the albums...wrong way to get support Kiiiid

  • iho

    like the beach bitch

  • 2

    daytona > kendrick

  • eatshit

    bullshit. Daytona ain't nowhere near kendrick level.

  • WuTang4Eva

    I wouldn't say Daytona is better than Kendrick. I'd say out of the new school artists out though, he's definitely one of the closest. Him Add-2 and STS are all gonna be a problem.

  • http://www.geturswurve.com geturswurve

    copy copy goes all the way in shout connor