The Kid Daytona - Summer Games: The Kid With The Golden Pen (Mixtape)

Daytona has returned with his newest freelease (which he said will also be his final free project), with the likes of Jadakiss, Jon Connor 9th Wonder, Bink!, Harry Fraud and more making guest appearances. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: The Kid Daytona - Summer Games: The Kid With The Golden Pen (Mixtape)

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  • QZA

    i can't believe how fast the internet is going on campus right now. DJ Booth just finished in like 14 seconds, i'll blaze one and give this a solid listen when i get home. Daytona is smooth with the flow.

  • MacDoober

    i doubt it'll be the last free project, but if so way to be a douche. people that drop albums still drop free tapes, and half the time the tapes are better than the albums...wrong way to get support Kiiiid

  • iho

    like the beach bitch

  • 2

    daytona > kendrick

  • eatshit

    bullshit. Daytona ain't nowhere near kendrick level.

  • WuTang4Eva

    I wouldn't say Daytona is better than Kendrick. I'd say out of the new school artists out though, he's definitely one of the closest. Him Add-2 and STS are all gonna be a problem.

  • copy copy goes all the way in shout connor


Jace - "Gone, Adios"

Right where I left you.

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IshDARR - "Bandits"

The Milwaukee native continues dropping loosies — this for "party bandits."

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