• x

    This ain't rooftop with p, hav and noyd. Do people still listen to Rick Ross?

  • ewgfew

    @x um yea i think ross selling 240k first week would indicate that people still listen to him. nie try tho

  • jamie

    ross should had a beat like this if he wanna go platinum lol
    meek doesnt sound right on this hes there just for the sake of it

  • Meek Millz

    grammy material

  • http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m72ccbCJpc1qfk87to1_r1_500.gif Tupac’s Slut

    First video with these MMG niggas without cars and hood niggas (fake niggas) jumping around.

    Meek is ugly as fuck.

  • http://jonyoungmusic.com Jon Young

    Shoulda had Bone instead. Bring back that "Breakdown" vibe.