• Chris Viarella

    Lol Ab-Soul is the dude

  • TDE>yourlamefavoriterapper

    i think he lying. HE BETTER BE LYING. no black hippy album come on now.

  • comm

    wtf no album... come on man... he did have a smirk on his face though so we shall see

  • who cares

    That's bullshit. Honestly though if they don't do that, the only thing their fans are asking from them aside from making dope music, that's pretty fucked up. And I ain't even a hardcore Black Hippy fan

  • http://2dopeboyz.com TDENegro

    He's obviously lying. C'mon people. BTW. Longterm 3 on the waaaaaaay.

  • alex

    All ya'll are idiots. He's obviously foolin? He almost started getting weak.

  • http://anonymouslygifted.com xxclusivee

    Weak? nah bruh

  • Lone Wolf

    This shit got me upset lol but you never know whats gonna happen tho