A$AP Rocky Performs "Goldie" w/ The Roots on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

A$AP Rocky made his late night television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon performing "Goldie" which will appear on his upcoming debut LP, LongLiveA$AP.

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  • MGM

    Is it me, or was that just an awkward performance? You gotta show more enthusiasm Rocky.

  • Book


  • Best performance I've seen on the Jimmy Fallon show. This was fucking great, better than those faggots from Odd Future.

  • tryme

    The roots saved this performance. then again what else is new with these wack young kids.

  • The Roots can't even save themselves. They're a band for a late night show, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Career finished.

    A$AP Rocky>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • marty mcfly

    The Roots career is over but yet their way more visible then ever now that they come on Tv 5 nights a week? Just stop it and yeah they did save this performance by adding to the beat a little. Asap Rocky >>> His own crew

  • sasQ

    @Tupac's Slut

    You kidding me? The Roots > anything you've ever listened to and anything you ever will. And as for their career being finished cause their on late night, that's every band's dream son.

  • Should have did another song.

  • The beat sounded even harder with The Roots behind it. How was ASAP now rockin out?! Oh well.

  • A$AP Mob>>>>>>The Roots

    Go listen to that dusty washed up Hip-Hop shit. I'm all bout that trillwave shit brahbrahbrah.

    Fuck The Roots!!!

  • This sucks when he isn't allowed to use big-boy words.

    'motha motha aint it'?

  • malcyvelli

    i hope @Tupac's Slut is trolling, but this was okayyy, couldve been way better, def wasnt topping the OF performance though

  • V_h

    good performance V$VP

  • FuckYou

    asap is a clown ass rapper and all his fans are faggots.

  • it wasn't a bad performance per-se but I knew for sure he would get the crowd hype, i'm dissapointed that he kept it tame

  • egyle

    OF did a performance that noone will ever top. I expected Rocky to be more like usual when he does live shows, but I guess he didnt want to try to make it as OF, since he would fail at it. This performance was lame, since he didnt do himself...

  • xxmedisinXx

    he looks so fuckin scared without all his other monkeys jumping around the stage..

  • lol

    why is he just wearing a pair of long underwear as pants

  • i actually liked the vibe of the performance. i felt like Rocky could've been a bit more into the performance but The Roots make EVERYthing sound doper so it was a good look.

  • FoRealDo

    That performance was super sleepy!!! BORING...it was like an Eric Benet spoken word performance. LOL

  • dcd

    SMH at all of you corny mother fuckers who are weighing rap down with your petty arguments about nothing.

  • FuckYou

    ^ internet thug. you faker than asap bitch.

  • Polak

    wtf is up with his pants? ya'll nikkuhs is crazy!

  • Mature Silent Majority of Hip Hop verbalized

    Dope song with great backing by The Roots live instrumentals. ASAP is young and his live performances will get better. Still a very dope listen anyhow.

  • moshizzle

    why all the haters? i think this dude's album will be a classic.

  • GoDucks

    Love the song but he lacked energy on stage. Sounded pretty good though


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