• doc rovers

    The fact that this gets more positive response than the new video mgk dropped blows my mind

  • feins

    man, that danny brown is pilled out. scratching n shit.

  • Kushington

    Grown ass men painting their faces.... pathetic.

  • Truth

    Look like he on some OC's

  • rainwata

    "claimin' detriot when you live 20 miles away, and i dont't wrestle i'll knock you fuckin faggets the fuck out" eminem- marshall matters

  • airrboii

    Even if you don't like their music I respect these dudes for what they have brought to the game and for wanting to just be left alone by the FBI. Fuck the FBI! My friend has a hatchet-man on his arm and listens to ICP but in no way is he a gang member of any sort, one of the kindest kids you would ever meet.

  • spencer


  • bladaoh

    man all you people talkin shit but icp been in the game for what 15-20 years now? im not even a fan but damn let it go...

  • http://thehusker.com MIdWestfFlyest

    Word! -to the last 2 comments

  • davon

    only whyte kids from trailor parks lissen to icp bunch bitches wearin make up dez niccas are a joke danny looks like a fiened out ducc yuh its a shame dis got mo love den mgks song and its a shame it got more thumps up den thumbs down

  • Necro Damus

    I've listened to ICP for 15 years and the only hate/abuse I've heard is over the net. I imagine anyone who cares enough to make comment on something they hate is just sad in person. I can't picture myself leaving badly spelled messages on a Chris Brown video...

  • Thomas

    ICP has been in the game for over 20 years now. (Look at their discogaphy) I like they're 1997-2000 work, I don't know why people hate on ICP.