Lana Del Rey - Big Bad Wolf

Lana has been letting loose tracks that didn't make the cut of her album Born To Die, but this track may end up as a bonus track on the potential reissue of the album.

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  • @pros2ill

    Born to die is a modern era classic... This song.. Idk most of her stuff is so different it takes some getting use to... I don't think this track is one of those. She's still a genius though. Pawn shop blues and kill kill should've been on her cd AT LEAST as bonus tracks

  • $$$

    She looks like something evil from a horror flick...

  • Tupac’s Slut


    Her album was underrated.

    Fuck Pitchfork!!!!!!

  • AdensIsAhero

    I'm a big Lana Del Rey fan, i have listened to her album over a million times and seriously this song is just not up to par, it's an absolute misrepresentation of the artist i heard on Born To Die. As a fan i cant make any excuses for this nonsense

  • that truth

    this shits so bad it sounds like a parody. if she looked like adele nobody would know her name

  • gwe

    @pros2ill lol genius? fuck off. she dope, but people throw that word around waaaaay too freely these days

  • zz0l

    Meka pull this down, its hacked content and feds are going after sites posting it. just a heads up!

  • Tycus

    Of all the potential non hip-hop content you could post.... why the ACTUAL FUCK would you post this tripe?

  • TDKR

    Pure shit

  • REED

    @ZZ0L gtfoh fuking drama queen

  • Born to Die… Laughing

    LMAO! I told not to go into the forest, when she said that I was *dead*. This is hilarious to me, like a parody.

  • Ermac

    Man you'll niggas is trippin this bitch's music is depressed emo as hell what kind of dude would listen to this trash, I would give her the D tho


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