Lana Del Rey – Big Bad Wolf

blame it on Meka August 22, 2012

Lana has been letting loose tracks that didn’t make the cut of her album Born To Die, but this track may end up as a bonus track on the potential reissue of the album.

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  • @pros2ill

    Born to die is a modern era classic… This song.. Idk most of her stuff is so different it takes some getting use to… I don’t think this track is one of those. She’s still a genius though. Pawn shop blues and kill kill should’ve been on her cd AT LEAST as bonus tracks

  • $$$

    She looks like something evil from a horror flick…

  • Amazing!

    Her album was underrated.

    Fuck Pitchfork!!!!!!

  • AdensIsAhero

    I’m a big Lana Del Rey fan, i have listened to her album over a million times and seriously this song is just not up to par, it’s an absolute misrepresentation of the artist i heard on Born To Die. As a fan i cant make any excuses for this nonsense

  • that truth

    this shits so bad it sounds like a parody. if she looked like adele nobody would know her name

  • gwe

    @pros2ill lol genius? fuck off. she dope, but people throw that word around waaaaay too freely these days

  • zz0l

    Meka pull this down, its hacked content and feds are going after sites posting it. just a heads up!

  • Tycus

    Of all the potential non hip-hop content you could post…. why the ACTUAL FUCK would you post this tripe?

  • TDKR

    Pure shit

  • REED

    @ZZ0L gtfoh fuking drama queen

  • Born to Die… Laughing

    LMAO! I told not to go into the forest, when she said that I was *dead*. This is hilarious to me, like a parody.

  • Ermac

    Man you’ll niggas is trippin this bitch’s music is depressed emo as hell what kind of dude would listen to this trash, I would give her the D tho