Shyne – You’re Welcome (Diddy Diss)

blame it on Illy August 22, 2012

After reuniting at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Shyne once again takes aim at Diddy on a diss track which Shyne stated (to MissInfo) was recorded a while back, but released due to Puff not delivering on promises he made to ‘Po.

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  • Sounds like he is choking on some dick

  • IslandKid

    i just don’t understand why he doesn’t resolve it behind the scenes.. hes 40 somethin years old right, and carrying on like a 14 year old girl,crying cause she didn’t get what she wanted for christmas. instead of releasing a diss track speak to him you moron

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  • BMI

    We all know diddy is a shady dude and the only way to get through to him is by letting the public know just like how the lox did it cause diddy dont want us all knowing what his really like

  • shontal

    This is a great song Diss or no

  • Mike

    I ain’t mad at dude

  • dcd

    @islandkid wtf? worst comparison i ever heard. this dude did 8 years because of diddy. it’s not some “i didn’t get what i want for christmas” shit. you’d be pissed the fuck off too. and from what i understand, diddy wouldn’t have anything to do with shyne while he was locked, why would he now?

  • david

    diddy’s a cunt but shyne deserved the jail time, he fired shots in a club, can’t just walk for things like that, if you feel like your life may be in danger by going to a club dont bring a gun to use as self defence, just go to a club that you dont think youll get shot at, surely there are other clubs in manhattan that he can go to without having to worry about gettin shot at, anyone who thinks i’m hating just lacks common sense, it’s no matter of opinion, just logic

  • Pops

    I can’t stand Diddy, but this shit is absolute garbage. They both need to disappear ASAP

  • m

    @islandkid 40 something wtf? He’s like 33/34…Diddy signed him when he was like 16/17 and wound up going to Prison WHEN DIDDY WAS HIS LEGAL GUARDIAN. Get your facts straight before you start speaking on situations you know nothing about…

  • m

    Song sucks though…

  • m


    have all become religous extremists after being signed with Diddy. Odd coincidence.

  • XxxxKnld

    ^^^^^^ it’s cause Diddy the devil.

  • Diddy a snitch and a snake, nothing new here. Although whether it’s coming from old Shyne(biggie flow) or new Shyne(slow slurred flow) this shit iz like 10 years long overdue. Dude has a right to vent, y’all have no room to judge Po.

  • ZIOS


  • K.I.N.G

    “got me fucked up in the game, get yo shirt stained”
    what happened to that Shyne huh? this shit wack

  • Rik

    Funny how [email protected]#az used to shout Shyne out when he was locked up, now they don’t even [email protected]#k with him! Smh.

  • TheTruthIs

    Diddy is a fool, Shyne’s gonna smash him!