• boheem

    here for ab-soul

  • Octobeyyy

    It's coo
    I can't say anyone killed it though...

  • As-Hole

    Soul fuckin killed it

  • cozyngga

    Grande Marshall - GODBPM

  • 5Micro

    Dope song, def a banger

  • http://www.vimeo.com/citizensreview/videos DavidxHayes

    The record is good as is, but, a remix (with current verses intact) + Danny Brown/Robb Bank$ verses.

  • Anthony

    soulo went it but the song sucks! grande went in tho

  • uhhhh

    this shit is trash. go listen to GrandeMarshall GODBPM

  • thatnigga

    GrandeMarshall shit was wack nigga ....... get that nigga dick out yo mouth jaye and ab killed it

  • Ab Soul


  • Chamelio Salamander

    GrandeMarshall - GODBPM > this shit. How niggas give the beat to another rapper after Grande used this shit as his single. Producers is foul out hurr. Grande's 800 out now on Complex, Fader and shit.

  • CNJ

    Ab's verse was cool. But Grande's version was 10xs better.

  • Fuckedyabitchasap

    Fuck this. but grande marshall killed this. Don't even care about the other dude rappin ab soul was cool though. But for real grande's version > this poor attempt

  • Jonesy Stark

    Solid Soul verse, but the production and flow/lyrics/delivery of this Jaye cat was waay to derivative. Literally sounds like a bargain bin version of NigHtmAre on Figg St.

  • fuckatroll

    lot of yall troll ass niggas who obviously on homies team need to shut the fuck up. nobody checkin for whoever yall are TRUST ME. but this shit ride, ima give his tape a burn when it drop

  • dad

    ^^^ shut the fuck up bitch nigga

  • pussynigga

    weakest ab verse ive heard tho

  • markaveli

    switch out whoever the first guy was with schoolboy and we got a dope track.


    first guy sucked mad dick. lol ab soul was mediocre. gon check out the grand marshall cat y'all talkin' bout.

  • screamo

    that first verse was HORRIBLE!!!! How much did this bum ass jaye pay for the feature tho? give it up fuck boy.

  • yerp

    semi 9 fit me fine
    hit a nigga like 20 times
    pow pow pow pow pow
    then one more to the face, pow

  • fuckoff

    daniel worthy = faggot ass producer

  • Gfunk

    ^^ Damn what's with all this hate, Worthy actually goes INN

  • Treal

    I'ma fuck around and edit Ab's verse on to GODBPM. Fuck that nigga Jaye. Shit dont sound good at all.

  • Dru

    Grande Marshall song GODBPM felt more authentic. He fits on the beat better imo. I felt it a lot more than this version. Also, I was a little disappointed in Ab-Soul's verse..

  • EDo

    Ab is cool but you all know if ScHoolboy Q decides to fuck this beat up grande and everyone else might be outta work soon. This beat just sounds like it was made for Q.

  • iFloss

    This song was only played for Ab-Soul's verse... This nigga tryna be like everyone else, and it's not cool at all it's nothing new... The beats pretty dope though

  • EricDean

    WHy is everyone using religious tones in their music now? Is this the result of the "God Forgives, I Don't" influence? Sheesh.

  • nosleepq

    first dude sucks!

  • Kendrick


  • bitch ass Daniel Worthy

    this song sucks. GODBPM > Gods way better ... Grande killed that... way more original ... and yeah Ab-Soul's verse was OKAY but so mediocre. Jaye is corny as fuck tho.