Just Blaze vs. Cardiak Beat Battle (Video)

blame it on Illy August 23, 2012

You already know how this one turned out…

  • pyramids

    i thought they would be battling with new beats..these iv heard before

  • lol

    sorry Cardiak.

  • like a candle to a sun…
    Just Blaze >

  • dev

    i have no idea who Cardiak is but Just Blaze is the GOAT

  • me2

    they didn’t battle, i was there. Someone edited this to seem like the battled. Craddie played beats, Then much latter Just came in and played beats. Carddie had no idea just was even there. Just just came to lpay beats not battle

  • cozyngga

    one Just Blaze beat shits on all of Cardiak’s beats hahaha

  • Rock

    Just is a god damn MONSTER. He’s probably top 3 all time. His resume is straight filth.

  • Cardiak’s nice, he’s got some gems. But if this was an actual battle (which it doesn’t look like it was), Just Blaze would take the W. Easy.

  • Frost

    Just Blaze easily…

    Alchemist shit all over him at that red bull beat battle shit, tho…

  • D-Skrizzy

    All Just had to do was drop Lord Knows and it was a wrap. Sheesh.

  • raptorfan

    someone yelled eminem during the dynasty intro #smh

  • Cardiak said it himself on the YouTube page… it’s NOT a battle. CLEARLY. Look at both of their track record’s!

  • Big Cen

    Legend and the new torch holder. Amsterdam proves Cardiak is on his way. He needs to invest in an mpc too tho. Just and an mpc is a Problem! Just, Primo and Pete Rock top 3 sample producers. Oh and the Great Jay dilla!

  • SGD

    DammmmnnnN! Just Blaze killed it!!! Gotta love that “Gringo” sample!!

  • Shad

    Yoo, what was that first joint by Fab Cardiak played?

  • CAM

    Damn i remember i went to hs school w the nigga lol

  • King G.

    Cardiak can’t match up to Just Blaze. Just is a monster!

  • Cardiak is hit or miss with me but Just Blaze makes a kind of…”triumphant” type of music. I don’t know how else to put it. Just listen to the first beat alone and you know it’s over.

  • You

    What song was 3:56 off of?

  • You

    Ahh yes. Brig Krit – King Pt. 2

  • Flip

    @shad its Fabulous – Yall Don’t Hear Me off of the soul tape

  • Monfort&Sons

    what’s the first beat Just plays?

  • NoWax

    Complete tracklist please

  • Ryuk

    Cardiak screaming its not a battle! Lol. Okay dude, we get it.

  • luiz

    i will like to see Dre vs Blaze tho

  • BeatHeadRealTalk

    Someone put up JUST BLAZES tracklist for this… is Craaaazy! I NEED this in my life lol

  • Gengar

    Just Blaze embarrassed him