Nitty Scott, MC – Flower Child f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Illy August 23, 2012

Nitty Scott, MC recruits K. Dot for The Boombox Diaries v.1 track. The EP will release via iTunes on August 28.

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  • iSwami11

    this is sick!

  • Spec

    God Damn She Killed This Wasn’t Even Feeling Kendrick Though I Guess He Even’d Out The Track. Def Checkin’ For Her After This

  • Isaac

    Awesome song.

  • wat

    She needs to change her voice up a bit but not bad.

  • Feelin this joint! Nitty Scott sounds like she has the spirit of Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets) running thru her hip hop soul!!

  • I’m supporting Nitty Scott, MC all the way! The music industry and the people of the rap/hip-hop community needs someone that is going to get things done in a manner that is supporting to all females. Someone that is about moving toward some type of progress in the music and towards unity between both females and males. Nitty Scott, MC is a rare type of female and her music can be solidified just by listing to Doobies x Popsicle Sticks, The Cassette Chronicles and now The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1 EP

  • you

    The first female emcee I think I could listen to. I’ll have to hear more songs though before I make up my mind.

  • Squirtle

    @PapiRich That’s how I hear it too. Nitty Scott is groovy I normally can’t stand listening to any female emcee but this girl is talented she’s the exception

  • whaaaat!

    hmm ok what about Raven Sorvino thought that playa del rey was one of the first females u can bump some Nitty can rap as well.

  • alakazam

    Dorothy Ashby on the sample, dope shit

  • Chamilio Salamander

    Jean Grae, Nitty Scott, MC, Rapsody, Brittney Street…. The only females that make the cut on the ipod.

  • Wisegui

    This would have been better without Kendrick but hey, she needed the name and who am I..?

  • thwr

    C-section opinions <<< fucking phonies

    if this featured lil wayne yall would say you HATE IT

  • peplur

    Female MCs are literally my favorite thing, so this is dope to find. Dessa from Doomtree is the best female rapper, in my opinion

  • dave

    i always been a fan of nitty but id say angel haze is a dope female rapper as well to watch out for.

  • Truth

    Yo she raps like Asher Roth…ya mad late too, Nitty been nice…and this nigga Kendrick is nice/nasty nasty/nice….

    …Support real
    …Death to the lies

  • Lazar

    wow, this is really good. she killed it

  • Jetlife420

    uhhhhhhh….all this talk of female MC’s………..Lauryn Hill anyone?


    ehh, she’s alright, I also think she sounds like a female Roth. Cool flow but wheres the substance? ehhh..Jean Grae > Any other female emcee. IMO

  • @JetLife420 RIGHT?? Lauryn Hill will forever reign supreme. Nitty’s a real nice change of pace though. Very lyrical, this doesn’t even showcase all her abilities. People gotta go back and do their homework. Right now it’s Raven Sorvino, Nitty, Rapsody, and Jean Grae are on top. Hands down.

  • crack tast

    i love NITTY

  • UndecidedUnknownUbiquity

    Great composition. Both did their thing. With all due respect, that Dorothy Ashby sample has been flipped way nicer by a very infamous cat.