Rita Ora – Love & War f. J. Cole

blame it on Illy August 23, 2012

The Roc Nation labelmates team up on Rita Ora’s debut LP, ORA. Shouts to JColeNation.

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  • Jumpman23

    Super wack. The last J. Cole song or feature by him that I actually liked was on Friday Night Lights. Dude has put out some wack ass shit the last year or so (album included). Of course the stans will call me a hater or some negative names for just giving an unbiased opinion of his recent music.

  • she bad cole slick for real

  • nito

    im cole fan but why would you get him just to do a hook. His hooks are nothing special and there are so many people way better at it.

  • Mike

    Sounds good hopefully next time J. cole can get a verse. ROC NATION!!!!!!

  • beh-beh-beh


  • Mischief

    Warm World

  • myfiddycents

    even though it didn’t have a cole verse.

    500k people at least are gonna listen to this just cos cole is on it.

    and in return rita gets a few new fans,

    job done.

  • ch

    This is the definition of radio. No disrespect.

  • q

    J. Cole – your voice for the ultimate pop hook. Haha

    btw. I liked her “how we do” much more

  • adi Pre

    Fuck this shit, hate this bitch’s tracks.

  • wzrd

    @jumpman23 you right bruh, Cole ain’t been putting out fire since fnl, a coupl songs on the album. I hate to say it but he fell off. And I’m a Cole fan

  • >

    Chaining day / The Cure > 90 % of released tracks in the last 3 months

  • fqfq

    @ >said

    I have learned that anybody who makes the claim that something is better than *instead random high percentage here* of anything in the last *insert random period of time here* is pretty much full of shit.

  • FakirWise

    So he fell off because he didn’t continue to release tracks after releasing his album? I can’t think of an artist that doesn’t do that.

  • coolCat

    she’s a white wash rihanna clone, cole didn’t go in. pass.