Common - No Sell Out (prod. No I.D.)

Helping start the weekend off right, No I.D. just liberated a lost Common joint.

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  • lupethekiller

    same sample as a Jurassic 5 song, Concrete Streets I believe. I think Nu-mark flipped it better, but Common goes in

  • Sumit

    this is that concrete streets sample, yup. Fresh though.

  • TB

    this beat fuckin blows


  • jugga

    Ike Turner - Getting Nasty. Large Pro also used the sample to open Breaking Atoms

  • allanté, the new one

    cocaine 80s!!!

  • cuttiepie

    Damn common is like a fine wine both his music and looks get better with age.(no homo) dope song

  • Lifter

    It makes me happy knowing people can name drop samples done by other people especially J5... New Jurrassic 5 music would be better than Com new music, but I'll take what i can get

  • Mike

    This beat is dope, Common did his thing nice song

  • who cares

    Damn this was dope, need a dl link

  • Qtslim3000

    Yea, common jus keeps getting better.

  • okey Ukah

    lol, why Watsky sample this a couple weeks ago.

  • Watrboi

    Common flow here sounds a lot like older Kanye, and the beat sounds very dangerdoom, so i've come to the conclusion No ID should do an album with DOOM.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Too bad Universal Mind Control say differently. Come back Common Sense.

  • david

    sounds like a throwaway doom beat

  • you

    this sounded like Atmosphere beat to me. I could imagine Slug rapping over this.

  • joe

    no one mentioned this sample was also used in snake eyes by main source? large pro...

  • Chris Viarella

    ^ +1

  • C-los

    First thing I thought of when I read that title was Universal Mind Control. lol. WHat you think we forgot Common??!!

  • Pedro

    Anybody can comeup with a download link for this ?



The Montreal native delivers a racially-charged anthem to close out Black History Month.

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