Rapsody – Roundtable Discussion f. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids (prod. 9th Wonder)

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2012

Second leak / single off Rapsody’s The Idea Of Beautiful out August 28th on Jamla Records. Pre-order on iTunes now!

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  • nyc22

    Dope from 1:15 on

  • meltingfire

    Dis some real chill shit

  • NC 24/7

  • Thomas Tell’emBoutit

    Put this on blast, roll the windows down, and just ride out…..The Idea of Beautiful……..get ready to GET FAMILIAR!

  • Brennen Huff


  • PlaiPawzRec

    Yerpa Derpa. 9th got anotha one.

  • vlado

    beautiful beat

  • keys open doors hoe

    nothing special

  • AndONeill

    Whoever dislike this shit needs to Step Infront of a bus, hiphop to the fullest! Dopeness, this could be album of the year for real.! But will be slept on

  • Sydney

    Rap diddy Is hiphop thank you

  • Gillzfordeford

    Wow….Rapsody & 9th have done it again!!!!!!… those 9th Wonder Breath Beats!!!!…”Idea of Beautiful” coming Tuesday

  • YouKnow

    Feeling this joint!!!

  • Michelle LaChance

    Real hip hop! Cannot wait for the album!! Jamla is definitely the squad!!

  • Michelle B.

    DOPE!!!!!! Rapsody’s album is going to sell like hotcakes!!!!!$$$$$!!!!! My money will be well spent!!! Thank you 9th, Rapsody, Jamla, and the entire Soul Council for putting out quality music!!!

  • Jamla

    I’m buying this over Nitty Scott’s album. Rapsody seems more genuine to me. Let’s go JAMLA SQUAD!

  • Chris Viarella


  • 1dopegirl

    Nitty is dope too, buy both! Support the ladies! I LOVE IT RAPS!

  • lazarus_jay

    the verses r ehhh!!! the beat is fuuucccckkkn dope! should have put phonte on this as a solo joint he would have murdered this beat!

  • Blaque5

    Rapdiddy is getting my money on Tuesday! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the joints on this album.

  • E-Love

    Oh My God this joint got me nodding my head hard, 9th you did it again homie

  • Chad

    This is decent at best, don’t delude yourself, folks.

    Is it just me, or are 9th’s beats really getting more boring lately? Of course all you new twitter followers (“followers” is exactly the right word!) probably have no clue what I’m talking about. Because if you knew 9th’s history you would realize that his new shit isn’t that great. You just jump from one bandwagon to another and right now it is “cool” to like 9th Wonder.

  • $$$

    Could have ended your comment after the 2nd statement, Chad… Hip-hop elitism ignorance at it’s finest…

  • $$$

    its* pardon me.

  • gff

    this is great, 9th is the man

  • roast beef

    wack as fuck