Asher Roth Freestyles In The Backroom (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 25, 2012

Hit the jump for the actual video since BET likes to play dumb with their autoplay feature.

  • BLZ

    & thats why Asher iz a BEaST!!

  • JXN

    Thumbs up for real freestlyes!

  • There’s no such thing as Asher Roth. Nicholas Cage just invented a time machine and became a rapper.


    SUPER LOL @ Not The Bees!

  • wat

    But… Ash looks nothing like Nicholas Cage lol

  • truth

    Another wasted post…he had his chance and couldnt cut it

  • WangChung

    some people think Nicolas Cage is a bad actor some dont… Some think he is a bad rapper some dont

  • Alex

    I wonder if its awkward when Ash or Mac or Em are on BET

  • lEVI

    Body bag

  • grammar101

    BET = its, not their.

  • nasthyman

    that was straight written. that’s why eminem is the greatest, when he “freestyle” he freestyle!

  • Choice

    I dont think you niggas know what freestyling means.. it means free of style.. which means things can come from the dome and something your wrote combined or one or the other.. you are FREE of style…. anyway just shut the fuck up and listen to the man flow… holy shit…

  • Mendez

    w8….wreckineyez is white?! ok lol /racist. Seems like more people are giving Chuck Hammy support this year. 1st Blu now Ash