What Is DJ Khaled’s Real Role?

blame it on JES7 August 25, 2012

For years now, the question posed in the title has been asked over and over, and rightfully so. We all know Khaled and his infamous adlibs, his keen ability for gathering a medley of his favorite artists for posse cuts, and marketing himself by attaching his name to some of the biggest commercial hits, but really, what is the exact role he plays in Hip-Hop? Well, Complex sat down with Khaled to inquire within.

Khaled gets to talking about conceptualizing records with Ross. “I’m coaching. Him and me talk about what we’d like to do. Then he goes and writes the most phenomenal shit ever. But you have to understand, I give him the biggest speech ever before I give him the record. And I always have a hook on the record already, so when guys hear it they’re like, ‘Wow.’” It’s just a vibe. But if I’m in the studio with Ross, I never have a problem with his verses.”

See, Khaled’s not just some loudmouth yapping over the hottest record in the club. He’s the reason the record exists. If music were sports, he’d be a general manager, coach, and player all in one.

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  • kitten paws

    Wait, what song did Ross write the most phenomenal shit ever? Same concepts and topics in nearly every song. Simple rhyme schemes. Make believe, fairly tale raps. SMH

  • yaowa

    fuck outta here lmao. 2dopeboyz posting bullshit like this now? -face palm-

  • Benjamin

    i get that khaled brings all the artists together and conceptualizes the record, but he shouldn’t lie about having hooks already set before getting artists. If that were true his name would appear in the writing credits, which i’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

  • Dobermann

    I agree with the comment above…DJ K is a coach???? Come on…Too funny this shit…I still can’t believe that Rozay is around after all his lies. So many MC’s and people I never thought co-sign it. Go read the story of the real RIck Ross instead of this fake.

  • Me

    “Then he goes and writes the most phenomenal shit ever.” A-HAHAHAHAHA! Didn’t Khaled learn anything from South Park? Drugs are bad, mmkay.

  • C-MACK11

    So if he’s not making the beat or mixing and he’s not writing rhymes, and all he does is lay down his shitty adlibs does that mean he’s the designated blunt roller in the studio?

  • TiggaTy

    So he’s a made a career outta being a dickriding yes man?

  • Thinker

    “If music were sports, he’d be a general manager, coach, and player all in one.”
    That was the worst explanation ever.


    now that this is out, can he please shut up while the record is playing. Since we now have an unexplained reason of what you do, KHALED can you please SHUT UP already?


    like he said its 2012 which means if we cared enough to find out who is behind the record. we will look it up. No need to let us know on every record.

    NO MORE DJ DROPS 2012 and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blame CLUE!

  • C-MACK11

    DJ Drama or DJ Khaled who’s worse?

  • Rick Ross’s Fat

    Guys give Khaled a break, when he’s in the studio that nigga can order a mean ass pizza, I mean you gotta see that nigga son. The shit is phenomenal.

  • Jordan

    DJ Khaled > DJ Drama still

    At least he gets better features

  • chu the conqueror

    Nah…not buying it. Way over hyped

  • ForReal ForReal Tho

    This is just a hater post. Khaled is no different than any other DJ who attaches his name to a record and calls on a bunch of artists to get on it. Clue, Drama, Kay Slay, Envy, and a lot of other DJs have done the EXACT same thing.

    Khaled just happens to get the “hottest rappers of the moment”. On most of his songs.

  • B-Line

    utter bullshit….DJ khaled gets features because this dude spins that artist 10x times during his radio shows and appearances. He get’s them on a “album” and makes some cheddar. WIN WIN for the artist and this fat azz. I really can give 2 shits as long as the record is HOT. But call him what he is a muthafucking DJ and that’s it

  • 50 Cent

    That nigga Khaled’s sitting in the picture looking like “damn I can’t make shit” lol. “I’m such a fat ass”.

  • Heisman

    So when does he actually DJ?

  • e

    khaled does whatever it is that dr. dre does.

  • thiskiddope

    so 2dopeboyz.com you failed to explain your your opinion what he does…damn don’t tell us fans that you are going down the road of dick riding artists like….nevermind…..

  • Dont yall realizing something right now, this fat mutha fucka is trying to justify his existance. but in reality he is nothing more than a promoter or a lame A&R. But yallz nekas probably never hearda a A & R. Cuz, yo I pimp hard on these streets, bitches. No one in my hood respects this fat ass lame brain. and yall pussies betta not either. who got beef with the nyc Gang Banger. Who son? Peter is my paul and I am Robbie lord of the frenchmen.

  • Bzb

    Yo on the low I always wondered this

  • Pops

    That quote deserves a huge STFU!!!

  • do i to you look like a lame?

    you should all read this from Prefix. Twas written a year ago and it goes a little more in depth into the BS…. lol

    We The Best: Deconstructing DJ Khaled

  • Advance

    If you have to explain what it is you actually do….you’re not doing shit

  • marty mcfly

    If people believe Khaled doesn’t do anything then I see how you came to that conclusion but the reality is that you cant sell hundreds of thousands of albums and millions of singles and not have done anything. Khaled is not the first Dj to make albums, you got Funk Flex, Kay Slay, Tony Touch, DJ Drama etc… This should not even be that hard to figure out.

  • jay

    this nigga sleep in the picture above fuck outta here man this fool dont do a gotdamn thing but talk shit over beats bootleg diddy.

  • kayo

    Is this really what music has come to? Fuckboys running the industry…. please

  • DannyBoy

    this looser is so delusional him and officer ricky have made hip hop a complete joke

  • david

    @Marty I understand where you’re coming from but Flex produces and DJ’s and has/had spots on radio stations and TV channels, Kay Slay DJs and has produced a little too, Touch produces, DJs and raps, not a fan of DJ Drama but my point is those you listed have had creative input, they built a rep off DJing and producing, they may be most credible on their albums for putting multiple artists on multiple tracks but they’ve had enough input to get credit and earn their name on the front cover, khaled produces a couple tracks at most

  • 1

    Khaleds role isn’t all that different from dj ko, but i don’t see any one hating on him….

  • JoJo

    people hate on him because he is so annoying and thinks his bigger than he is just like officer ricky you dont see other djs doing the shit he does he actually thinks he is a artist and loves being famous and the sound of his own voice

  • jamie

    drama does gangsta grillz to help put an artist on, khaled does albums to put his fat self on.
    I heard that khaleds been around for a long time on the underground though DJing etc

  • Jordan

    Answer: He ain’t got no damn job, man!

  • Juanka

    I’m not buying it. Khaled GTFO the game

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    It’s funny how yall say he has no job, but he’s richer than everybody in the C-section combined, to put it in a way you dumb fucks can comprehend, Khaled is gives direction on how every part of the song should sound, his more of an executive producer/director.

  • qwe


    nothing i despise more than a nigga who jumps into a conversation about music and art bragging about another man’s pockets. what does that have to do with the creation of the music? why are you dick bragging for another nigga when nobody even sweating his pockets like that? gtfoh man

  • jerry spring her

    “And I always have a hook on the record already, ”
    ok, you have a hook you didnt help create over a beat you didnt produce ready for the rappers. The question remains, what do you do?
    let’s quit the charade, rappers don’t need someone giving them pep talks before they go into the booth. Especially not from a nigga who doesnt write or produce, before they lay down their raps. its not even that serious bro. like what kind of shit do you say anyway. I can’t imagine its anything of much pratical value that will improve the song from a technical perspective. “go hard, do it for the streets, knock this one out the park” That kind of imput, while appreciated, hardly deserves a writing/co producer/album credit. Neither does passing on a sample to another producer for them to do all the work for that matter.
    i got no beef with him but ultimately he has no unique ability that is valuable nor necessary to the creative process. I’m sure he’s a cool dude and financially has something to offer which is why so many rappers fuck with him. I actually have always liked and supported the idea of khaled’s compilation albums. Its a cool concept to put a bunch of a people together whom otherwise may have never been on the same cd letalone the same song.
    but let’s stop pretending as though drake ross and wayne needed his imput for im on one, or that kanye needed it when he wrote over hitboy’s beat on I wish you would. Just say youre a colloborative organizer and leave it at that. At least that’s truthful. But enough with these frivolous job descriptions as if you have a creative stake in the song’s final product cause we all know you’re not musically literate.

  • eastin

    dj clue, lil jon must be good coaches too

  • eastin

    cause khaled has the right to show anyone the ropes come on, u coaching who people who were established b4 you
    Listennnnnnn lol

  • eastin

    i say thank god that your coaching skills helped create such classics like……. waaaiiitttt lol

  • khaled real role is sayin DJ KHALEEEED at song openings
    btw id like to shove DJ Drama’s head into khaled ass

  • DJ Cocktail

    say thank god that your coaching skills helped create such classics like…….


  • 123

    lol a role in destroying it

  • 123

    @ kittin i dont listen to ross but im pretty sure rozay is his alter ego… when his rozay he can say anyhing he wants it fact or fiction

  • marty mcfly

    @david, really the game would be better off if every coast had their own version of a Dj Khaled. Somebody who takes the best artists from their region and puts them all on big songs cause that would only help the culture and the first week album numbers would most likely improve for alot of artists. People can be mad if they want but its a reason why a bunch of rappers now all want to sound like they from the south and Khaled been pushin that sound forever. @ Jerry Spring, Im On One was possibly the biggest club song of last year and without Khaled that song would have never been created in the first place. My thing is if so many people feel like Khaled aint doing nothing then why dont you try making their own album with 30 different artists and see how well you do. Im not even a fan of dudes music but imo its obvious he must be doing something right.

  • adeezy

    i still dont know what he does!

  • Grimzz

    so….ummm…he does what every DJ does but on a bigger scale…he has those one or two anthems that dumbass niggas continue to eat up, pay the producer less than what’s owed and throw in bullshit tracks on the LP…that’s it…

    oh yeah Drama caught a L for that my moment joint…it’s I’m on one for fetuses…

  • Ghostfacekillah