Danny! – Evil

blame it on JES7 August 26, 2012

Danny!’s Payback drops Sept. 25th on OKP. Spotted at X’s crib.

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  • schuyler

    wtf? how could anyone “nope” danny

  • #KanyeShrug

    Danny! is better than your favorite rapper…unless Danny! is your favorite rapper…then hes equal…

  • blue lou

    people hatin cause its unfinished. danny said on twitter that he was still mixin it

  • that truth

    worst danny song ive ever heard. change that fucking hook and bridge, you aint a singer bro. and lol @ danny buying followers, cmon son you had <2k a few months ago

  • Peabody

    ^^^^ bow wow’s gay lover

  • Awed

    Yeah I dig this guys music but what’s up with his fake twitter followers, what a gimmick.
    Bet they’ll all be spouting bout this cd to make it trend…

  • blue lou

    lol @ discussin followers instead of music. way to downplay this man like he cant get legit followers & if theyre fake who cares? like hes the only one to do it

  • Dude’s been cosigned by Jay-Z and signed by Questlove. People have gained more followers in a less amount of time. Seriously, lol

  • My point is, he doesn’t have to purchase followers to get followers.

  • Bongwater


    this sounds dope as hell im still excited as fuck about payabck

  • @ that truth: Dude, how many classic albums have you released? How many bangin ass beats have you produced? It’s a different age in time now. Ppl gotta do what they gotta do to get heard. I’m sure he didn’t want to do it, but you gotta take necessary measures when needed. Some ppl won’t even give you the time of day if you don’t have a certain amount of followers (which is sad) but hey, to each his own. I’m not mad at it, as long as the music is good I’ll always be a fan.

  • the dropout

    September 25th IS TOO DAMN FAR AWAY.

    hyped like a mofo for payback

  • this shit is WACK. BUYING FOLLOWERS? Come’on sun.

    maybe you should retire Mr. Swain.
    It’ll be better for everyone.

    and, Hopsin is better than you.

  • PNa

    ^^^ hi Nick
    saying d-swain bought followers is a slap in the face to that man
    yall basically saying its impossible to have gained that many followers after the jay-z cosign, questlove cosign, that tyler fiasco and getting a new record deal. if you cant prove it then shut the fuck UP

  • schuyler

    danny’s the shit, how is this hate just rolling out for him?