Fat Joe – Pride N Joy f. Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash, Miguel, Jadakiss, Ashanti & Busta Rhymes (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 26, 2012

Directed by Hype Williams

  • vid was straight. im thinkin shit was gonna be crazy cuz of hype..but damn I coulda did a better job than that.

    dope track tho

  • e

    this shit is so ehhh

    why miguel sound like akon?

  • Jordan

    They previewed this like 5 times, and this is it?
    2 so-so verses and an extended hook? So pointless.

  • T-Dot

    ????? busta didint even rhyme tho…

  • jstew

    shit was horrible. the verses, the chorus (oh the chorus!!), kanye west and miguel doing autotune?? just horrible all the way around. the chicks were cute though

  • Boobie Cole

    Fat Joe better own a part of stock in Nuvo..smh. But this song is a huge disappointment for the hype they put to it. Only person that rapped was Fat Joe but they added all the names to add flare.

  • poetic assasin

    hype williams produced this? Nuvo had more camera time than busta and jada combined lmao

  • kevin

    this crap was super wack

  • Pops

    It took 3 months for this?

  • PraiseRZA

    Seriously this video sucks. Say it ain’t so, Hype! Must have had the interns shoot, light and edit this thing. Look at Busta skin…shit

  • bigErn

    featuring busta? where’s his verse? he just through his shoulders up for a few seconds and that’s it?? lol

  • fafa

    nice nuvo commercial

  • thatrealshit

    miguel said about three words, busta didnt have a verse, jada didnt have a verse, ashanti did nothing…wtf was the point of this track honestly. fuck khaled

  • speezola

    They didn’t put Mos Def in the video? Joe is fail-tastic. That line from Mos’ boy Kweli “You a big joke, thinking you a Big Pun” must still be burning his soul slow.

  • DK

    Had some potential but as soon as I heard that preview knew it was a let down. What’s the point of having Miguel if you’re just going to autotune him out?

  • Flip

    I miss videos like this, when it was all about the bad bitches…not no 100 niggas on steps….This site is just Fatjoe and Red cafe haters

  • J4KV1ST

    I’m digging the split verse yeezy and joe did – not many rappers do it anymore, sadly!
    But damn, with all those “features”, you expect more even though the track is sweet.

  • picky

    dam i remember when fat joe was more famous than khaled…fat joe fell the FUCK off

  • he really did fall off. dat nigga got lazy mane.

  • malcyvelli

    the video was sick, hype delivered, and i didnt notice anything contributed from ashanti besides looking good as fuck but thats enough for me, and one last thing, WTF WAS ON MIGUELS HEAD?cause that shit dam sure wasnt no haircut!song was whatever as a whole

  • A.J.

    FIrst great song in a while for pop-hip-hop

  • nycitykid

    For the people who didn’t like the this song and video, it wasn’t for you i guess. Both the video and song was solid.

    I don’t need to see fireworks coming out of someone’s ass for me to be like wow.

    Sometimes i just want to chill and listent to good music

  • Kanemku

    What brand is the shirt that Kiss is wearing? That shit was sick!

    And the song is just a feel good song, people. Just ride to the shit and you’ll love it!

  • dabullq

    Is that French Montana on the hook??????