• http://real-tube.net/blog/ qtslim3000

    Dem last to dangs cute as fuck. who they is, lol?

  • curiousgeorge

    what part of the song is wiz on?

  • http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m72ccbCJpc1qfk87to1_r1_500.gif Tupac’s Slut

    ^ The part where he fucks your mom, brahbrahbrah

  • peniss

    does wiz really need to be in the video for 3 seconds?

  • JML-G

    Little Gay Wayne scared to come to LA or he is too busy ''skateboarding''?!

  • http://pornhub.com redcafe

    @JML-G is was thinking the same thing. the cashmoney niggas are GREEN SCREEN THUGS.

  • wegew

    wtf @ the 2 comments above me. the guy is an international mega star with 1000000 places to go and yet the firt conclusion you jump to is that he must be scared of something or he a green screen thug. you guys are so retarded. i feel like you niggas just try too hard sometimes. you will find a way to complain about literally everything.

  • DannyBoy

    bunch of corny dudes

  • MrWill

    Where's Bone?