Game – Celebration f. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne [CDQ]

blame it on Illy August 26, 2012

Here’s the CDQ of the first single off Game’s forthcoming album, The Dispensary.

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  • nyc22

    Am I the only one who didn’t hear Wiz ?

  • This song soundlike that old bone thugs in harmony 1st of the month. sounds goo though.

  • ^
    Agreed sounds just like some Bone Thugs……..

  • who cares

    Still a piece of shit song.

  • DBS

    @who cares, yup, that pretty much sums it up, even the shitty songs on his last album were better than this.

  • @JafaOutfielder

    Wiz was not on this.

  • way to ruin a bone thugs beat , game fell off, he needs to stop, i could he him signing his garbage ass signing with young money now, i use to have respect for the game now he’s a joke

  • not that I’m a big wiz fan or anything, but where was he on this track…? lol

  • GG

    Dope single

  • chris brown, wiz khalifa, instrumental > everything else

  • T9FTW

    What happenned to the no-feature album?

  • Mike Tomlin

    Feelin this song not sure why no one else is. Wiz has 2 bars toward the end. Its hard to make out whos who but surprisingly Tyga killed this and they all did a great job adopting Bones flow for a song.

  • C-MACK11

    Yo I’m confused I thought his next album was gonna be another stupid/corny acronym? Fear.Is.Victorys.Evolution.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    This shit does not have WIZ on it! Unless he’s playing the drums or background vocals!

  • 7

    It samples 1st of tha month bone thugs wake up people

  • idlehandz803

    soon as i heared the first three seconds i was singin’ bone’s 1st of tha month

  • RED-bWs

    The very 2 last bars are Wiz people! Shit’s dope tho.

  • Braniak

    Finally someone knows were the sample came from.

    Know your hip-hop kids!

  • Squirtle

    This is coo.. for a one time listen kind of thing lol

  • GG

    wiz aint on this version..but he is on the radio ripped one.

  • TeeCee

    Wiz says them 2 lines after lil waynes part

  • jamie

    so annoying when wayne shouts ‘young moola baby’ on tracks -.-

  • calicoflo

    not as annoying as any mention of trunkfit

  • Jay

    And Tashaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao…I know its from thuggish ruggish bone but that part was mad funny




  • CommonCents

    Wow there is actually people that don’t know that this is sampling 1st of the month…

  • People really about to have hernias because other people don’t know what it samples.


  • NYdreams

    y game got 3 other niggas on his first single tho ?? and i swear i saw an interview where he said hes not gonna have no features on this album… watch his album b loaded witt features =/

  • jayy

    wiz is the last two lines

  • wegq

    @jamie and @calicoeflow

    its only annoying because u dont like him. jada kiss laugh is more annoying yall never complained about that

  • yerrr

    wiz must have wrote the hook for chris brown thats why hes on the credits

  • thisguy

    Wack. Not because of who is on it but because this beat was used already. Dear producers, DJ’s, beatmakers, teenagers with fruityloops, stop sampling rap beats for rap songs. Sample something else or come up with something new. It will never be as good as the original and we’ve heard this shit before. Game, Lupe, whoever else


    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all i gotta say about that

  • zachariah

    I hope that Ruthless records doesn’t clear the sample. They rarely allow bone samples. J Cole tried to use this track for Mr Nice Watch, and couldn’t get it passed.

  • TE

    The 5 lamest people in music all on one track. WOW.

  • man, they could have got Bone on this song….it’s not like they ain’t still out here doin it.

  • Jazzy Jon

    Might as well listen to Bone Thugs instead of this garbage

  • roc t.

    bunch of haters

  • huh?

    Not even close to the original.. This is the 1st single?? Maybe just cause it features all these other artists. not because its a dope song… it sounds worse then the original.. Id rather hear that one. Hopefully bone getting some money for this.. doubt it tho, unless they own publishing? hmm..

  • MrWill

    Any promo is good promo, so this is great for Bone and that’s all that matters to me. SIDEBAR: Can’t wait to see Bone perform 1st of tha Month on the 1st of the Month. #rockthebells