Prof – Me Boi

blame it on Shake August 27, 2012

Prof follows up the Yelawolf-assisted New Kid with the release of the second single from his upcoming project, Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3, dropping September 25th.

  • richmn

    another banger. hyped for kvp3!

  • ruckROCK85


  • Nick

    Prof always kills it and KVP3 is going to be sick!


    YEAH BUDDY! Less than a month left!

  • Candice

    Big track by Prof! This song is the SHIT!

  • JWeidner

    KVP3 is going to be on replay for days once it drops!

  • Whitnee

    blaaaaaahhhh so AMAZING.

  • Amanda

    PROF giving us the business…love it! Stoked for KVP3!

  • Cats

    “singles” don’t usually involve jacked beats. Jus sayin…

  • Jed

    Prof haters can lick the dick and then the sack. Wait, can I say that? Fuck ’em.

  • Dre

    It’s off the new mixtape, sir. That’s why it’s free. Do the research before you show your ignorance.

  • Stophouse

    @Cats yeah mang, it’s mixtape shit. just like most mixtapes, there are industry beats on about half the tracks. Preciate you taking a listen though.

  • ““singles” don’t usually involve jacked beats. Jus sayin…”

    its a mixtape. relax.

  • Carson from Cleveland

    I’ll be buckin out over here by myself… Eye protection mandatory!

  • Amanda

    awww, big ups to Tinie!

  • Suburban White Male

    When is this dude’s sex tape finally going to come out? I’ve been waiting for some new gay porn and sick of watching Doogie Howser’s. I guess I’ll just have to crank back when this mixtape finally drops!!!! #rainbowpride


    Thank you SHAKE!!! Youve got great taste. PROF as long as you keep it up Ill keep ridin that dick and shouting GAMPOOO!!! everywhere I go.

  • NoWuff

    Definitely won’t bang it after this.. But I’ll give him a thumbs up

  • But where’s the Bobby Raps?

  • Get your stool softener out, cause this track is hard as SHIT!

  • hiphopadvokit

    Like I said above awesome party track. I can see you performing it and I get pumped..very rick ross.ur such a big boss..ha love ur humor! adds culture to my very lame everyday routine thanks dude!

  • ah yeah!

  • KVS

    King Gampo is still spinnin in my ride, PROF is on FIRE!

  • I just pooped on my own poop. It’s a shitty mess but hey what can I say?? Oh yeah. Go STOPHOUSE GO! Glad to be a gampo. Frikken glad!