Rapsody – Beautiful Music f. Childish Gambino & GQ (prod. Ka$h)

blame it on Meka August 27, 2012

Rapsody’s The Idea Of Beautiful drops August 28th on Jamla Records.

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  • Jaymacka

    YES! JAMLA & Childish Gambino!!!

  • that truth

    fucking terrible. shes unlistenable and gambino on his usual faggotry

  • thatswhatimsaying

    @that truth

    Then why don’t you stop checking for her….you post on EVERYTHING that she puts up…..

    Like EVERYTHING……you LISTEN to her Unlistenable ass EVERYTIME…

    How would you know she was UNLISTENABLE if you KEEP LISTENING to her…

    Rap for PRESIDENT

  • P gutta

    Shut the fuck up that truth you hating ass faggot muthafucka….go suck a dick

  • NICE

    Why the hell do they got that lil boy looking like a faggot smh

  • thatswhatimsaying


    I approve this message

  • Danny

    @that truth you are literally the most melancholy person ever go take a fucking Zoloft

  • goldberg1

    yall like this gay shit huh? SMH

  • that truth

    lol thatswhatimsaying is 9th wonder. he checks this site for comments on ppl on his lable. i saw a comment he posted once (as 9th wonder with his site linked) and he typed the same way….

    like this…

    9th get off blogs and go back to criticizing ppl far, far more talented than you like kanye weat, jay z and lupe fiasco on twitter. that seems to be what you excel at cus it sure aint been beats in the past 8 years or so lolololol

  • ewgge

    hook is absolute fucking garbage

  • ewg

    @that truth

    how does him posting as 9th wonder and adding a link in his name prove anything? lol literally ANYBODY can do that. step your detective game up

  • James

    That pic makes me wanna throw up, mothafuckas dress they lil boys up like that now, sick ass shit

  • 2DopeBoyz has one of the worst comment sections I’ve ever seen on blogs (might be worse than YouTubes comment section).

  • Sprosma

    It may be a little girl. Song is nice and smooth. Don’t know why people aren’t liking this.

  • Tyson Beck

    those are 2 girls on the cover you fucking idiots. not even short haired child being is a boy

  • good

    Why the fuck did they tell him to pose with his hand on his hip? SMH

  • Tyson Beck

    those are 2 girls on that cover you fucking idiots. not every kid with short hair is a boy

  • Cory

    Every Dumbass talking about the “lil boy” from the pic thats a lil girl from south africa , and if you dont like Rapsody or the music shut the fuck up and move on , youre a bitch anyway not livin your dreams so you hate on people who actually are, youre a fuckin lame

  • James

    @Tyson how do you know thats a lil girl, did you see its pussy??? no! ok then STFU

  • egyle

    like, how do you not like this? it’s funky af, hating for the sake of hating ass punks.

  • Danny

    @James I literally think I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate you right now

  • James

    @Danny i literally dont give a fuck right now and forever

  • @James

    “how do you know thats a lil girl, did you see its pussy???”
    how do you know its not? did u see a cock? no! ok then STFU

  • Rocky

    @danny co sign people like james need to die

  • James

    @Rocky after you faggot

  • James

    “how do you know thats a lil girl, did you see its pussy???”
    how do you know its not? did u see a cock? no! ok then STFU

    dont pretend to be me you faggot

  • YouGuysAreFucked

    Yeah so the song is dope. You know, cause I’m commenting on the song on a hip-hop blog like we all should be and not kid genitals like a Sandusky website.

  • Rocky

    i would love to suck that lil kids cock….just saying

  • KIM

    ALL YALL SOME FAGS IF you ask me

  • $$$

    This is illy.

  • swagsurfking

    @that truth, thatswhatimsaying is right…….

    Who are you? the FBI? You are just mad you wanna be a RAPPER and it aint working out for you, which is why you come on here and play “A&R”. Can you answer this? why do post on every post she puts up if you don’t like her? Why do you keep checking for her? Why do you check for people you don’t like? Why don’t you find something you like, and go post about that? Oh yeah, the last time I checked, 9th is still doing his thing, Grammys, records with Badu, Banner, to name a few. He teaches college! What has “that truth” been doing the last 8 years? Probably hoping from blog to blog while trying to start a rap career, which haven’t started yet, so it seems.

    Rapsody keep doing your thing ma You are killing these dudes and they don’t like it. they want the looks you get and they can’t get them so they get mad and call you names. Real mature

  • that truth

    theres a 0% chance im reading any of that

  • kobybss

    This shit bumps, personally if you dont appreciate this………..wait……………what the fuck is this chorus…….oh theres gambino, much better again but that chorus better not fucking come back

  • DBS

    Rap is nice but she’s had too many features on these last leaks.

  • swagsurfking

    @that truth Here is a shortened version.

    You’re a nobody, who probably wants to be a rapper. Don’t be mad at her. Its not her fault. Rapsody is doing her thing and making great music. You must have a crush on her or something. I’m surprised you can read at all. You hardly can spell “lable”?

  • Positive Vibe

    man y’all (the negative posts) are being obnoxious for no damn reason, if you don’t like it then move on smh and as far as the cover, thats a little girl smh but to say what I originally was goin’ to say before i saw the fuckery comments, this is BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, I cannot wait till the album comes out

  • that truth

    lol rap is a joke, why would i wanna do that shit? and i have a crush on her? are you 9? im sorry i dont write essays and proof read my posts in blog comments. wise words from the swag surf king lolololololo

  • swagsurfking

    The joke is on you that truth. We all have seen you post on every post that 2dope puts up on her. I believe the whole “9th posts here” was an essay within itself. You still never answered the question. Why do you comment on her so much? What do you like? Why her? Do you want her to fail? Who do you want to win? Do you like anything? Or are you some dumb ass little white boy who lives with his mama?

  • FletchBeats

    I’m just here for the food

  • Gotdamn

    So nobody is going to say anything about the dope verse Gambino had?

  • Chad

    You people posting disrespectful comments towards Rapsody are just as stupid as those who are praising everything she does. Learn to put things in perspective, for God’s sake!

    This song is alright but i’m not too impressed. That’s it. HipHop is pretty boring these days, and it seems like in the age of twitter people have really lowered their standards. Fucking fanboy culture!

    And if it’s true that 9th is checking the comments, then I just wanna know two things:

    1. When is the remix of Common’s Dreamer/Believer, that was announced on ustream quite a while ago, coming??? Maybe some people like me, who are true fans, still remember this and are waiting for it!

    2. When can we hear the new Buckshot album???

  • Rik

    Smooth joint to ride out to, nothing less, nothing more! Just press play, enjoy it, and stop freakin’ criticizing!!!

  • i wish i got baseball money

    um cmon ppl….whether it’s a boy or a girl you gotta take it within the context of “The Idea of Beautiful.” it’s not that hard. if it is then you’re extremely close-minded. on another note, ahahahahahaha that chorus

  • i wish i got baseball money

    also that “jay-hova’a witness” line took me back to the Christmas ep of Community with the Troy and Abed rap….classic

  • DaShade

    Rap and Troy in the morning!

  • InMyOpinion. . .

    Shit, if we can tolerate what’s on radio nowadays, I have no clue why we can’t appreciate this effort to return #BeautifulMusic back to the forefront?

    Whether you’re a fan of this particular track or not, real hip-hop is to be respected!

  • Smart

    First of all, that is a GIRL on the cover.
    And secondly, even if it was a boy, why does that concern you? Fuck outta here!
    This is 2012, close-minded people need to off themselves.