• jariz

    This looks incredibly dope

  • dEt0X18

    WU TANG!!!!

  • BobbyWhite

    this looks amazing... that kanye track tho...

  • PadanFain

    nice artwortk, hot tracklist...hopefully this is gonna be a better flick than kill bill. wit that soundtrack, shit should hit the fan. rza is also the director of the movie..

  • Jonesy Stark

    Damn...if this turns out right, man.

  • Hustle

    DAMN! i'm most def. anticipating this... it's been a LONG TIME since i heard a really good soundtrack!

  • Isaac

    Looking forward to the movie and the soundtrack.

  • you

    this sounds incredible

  • chu the conqueror

    Soundtrack looks DOPE! Look forward to seeing the film as well. QT never dissapoints...like ever.

  • Dope

    Haven't been this hyped about a Soundtrack since, Soul In The Hole...

  • john doe

    track 15 please

  • gt

    what happened to the wiz track tho??

  • Tekwon

    Yeah I have to agree, wtf is Kanye West doing on this?

  • wr

    that shit looks pretty hectic...tony/monch/fizzy/danze is a problem

  • jariz

    didnt jay electro have a track on this too?

  • 123

    i think october is this years month

  • 123


  • Noir

    @Tekwon Dark Fantasy... New Day... just sayin'.