50 Cent Talks “New Day” (Video)

blame it on Illy August 28, 2012

50 Cent talks about his new single “New Day.”

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  • TruthHurtsNigga

    No-one been checkin for 50 since 2003. Give it up Curtis, stick to your wack ass headphones and riding your boyfriend Floyd’s coat tails.

  • williamco

    50 is still the realest nigga in hip hop and to be honest he doesnt fit in hip hop anymore with all these cartoon characters running around trying to tell the most lies and dick-riding the south half the people on these sites and blogs are teenagers who probably weren’t even listening to hip hop when 50 came out his fans have grown up and aint on here like the kids are but in the real world people still check for him

    how can people say his wack and then go listen to lil sean tyga asap mac miller officer ricky etc

  • djh

    this song is getting a lot radio play could be the one that creates the buzz 50 gotta drop another hit tho. wonder if Alicia gonna bring 50 out at the VMAs (doubt dre will show but if he do thats icing on the cake)

  • KIM

    Fuck 50 he lost respect when he start fucking with perez hilton WTF?

  • you

    Hate to break it to you Fif, but its wack

  • hong

    to be honest, i dont like the sound of this song.

    maybe im just a ignorant listener, but officer ricky got my ears

    and im not a fukin teenager

  • JAyP

    why is the Video karaoke’d out

  • lol @ all the haters with salty balls in your mouth… man’s been consistently putting out good music since he first dropped… kind of gay to like officer rick over him, how does anyone like that guy? a former CO who stole another mans name, story and look….hip hop gives out more passes than anything I ever seen in my life.