A$AP Mob – Lord$ Never Worry (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 28, 2012

Just in time for your Labor Day weekend chaos, the debut long-player from the A$AP Mob has finally arrived. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: A$AP Mob – Lord$ Never Worry (Mixtape) | Alt

  • marty mcfly



  • Fuck everyone from KanyeToThe!!!!!!! You’re all bitch ass niggas and ho ass tricks!!!!!

    Fuck niggas!!!!!!!!



  • 36fsaa

    ^only white people write shit like this. ijust dont get it

    ajd live mixtapes is not giving me a download code/captcha

  • 36fsaa

    my comment was at @ the first comment

  • Anybody who comments below this line takes it up the ass

    Shouts out to the #TaskForce

    Free Max B & Big Lurch

  • Shane

    This shit not working for anyone else?

  • beanz

    is any body able to download this?

  • schuyler


  • Steven


  • schuyler

    nevermind, i got it to start.

  • Jack

    just got it, will upload it some where else for y’all

  • Vice452

    Silky Johnson did serious damage on that thuggin noise beat….dude is slept on…

  • Shane

    Its working on the link now

  • beanz

    ight jack lemme kno wen you do I cant get that link to work

  • fu

    its load with a lot of refresh

  • added an alternative link.

  • fu

    dope but to much asap ????

  • dre

    anybody ggot da new madden & trying to get that ass whooped post the gamertags ps3 only niggas. atlanta falcons all day nigga

  • realtalk™

    ^too much ASAP? what are you smoking this is an ASAP Mob mixtape?

  • coolCat

    Asap mob is junior mafia bad. nowhere near as good as their lead man

  • SmokinAces

    The only dude I like another than Rocky for real is Twelvy. He got some dope rhymes, nice flow, and some of the best songs on the joint. The rest ehhhh.

  • Not feelin this at ALL! I was hoping for more asap rocky + nast songs. Thuggin Noise was dope. Like @coolCat said, They nowhere near as good as Rocky. To bad SGP wasnt a part of this

  • @SmokinAces Twelvys song Jay Reed was dope as hell!

  • Your Average Jet


  • Blood Cuz

    Nigga do you love the lord!? Nigga cause the lord loves you, nigga!



  • fred

    this shit is straight fire, i bet SGP is soooo angry right now, these niggaz bringing that mystical triple 6 shit back for real

  • Juicy-G

    I loved it! They’re really good at what they do. I love Hip-Hop from every end of the spectrum to the other.

  • OldSkoolSLIM

    This shit was all over the place… Lords Never Wait they could of had a concept with it or something. Beats werent great, songs were trash! To many different sounds in this…. Overall terrible. Raider Klan better then these niggas….. Should of been more asap rocky, ferg, twelvey and nast…. The rest can go.

  • OldSkoolSLIM

    @Fred and @Juicy G
    yall niggas are high…. this shit is garbage! and these niggas do not carry the 3 6 sound…… AT ALL! yall must not be from the south if you think that shit.

  • III

    Anyone who’s saying Raider Klan is better than A$AP is most likely a hipster. Y’all were probably all on A$AP’s dick right after LiveLoveA$AP came out, and then once Rocky blew up and got in a feud with a less known artist (SGP), y’all jumped ship and start acting like A$AP isn’t dope.

  • Only hipsters get mad just cause the artist they like start to get more attention. Get over yourself. Usin that term dickiridin, some gay shit forreal

  • OldSkoolSLIM

    Damn me a hipster……… This is the first time someone called me that….. Am I a hipster cause Im from Texas and all these wack ass cities sayin trill all of a sudden cause asap rocky blew up? Am I a hipster cause everyone sayin trill but havent even listened to a UGK album? At least Raider Klan from the damn south.

  • OldSkoolSLIM

    Asap Rocky, Ferg, and Nast is dope………… And Asap Ty *their producer* …… The rest…………… TRASH, TERRIBLE, GARBAGE.

  • thisshitsucks

    this is all shit. every song is shit. i’m not even hating, it’s just terrible. why do people like this? holy shit, my ears are fucking killing me. what is this garbage? the only good songs are bath salts and the beat for gotham city, but that stupid faggot with the annoying voice ruined it. what the fuck is this shit holy hell. my balls are stinging because my stomach hurts because of how bad this shit is. whaaaaaat.

  • LMAO

    this shit was pathetic.

  • marty mcfly

    Trash simply Trash. Sometimes the only nigga that should be rappin in a crew is the nigga that actually got on. If your team is wack just front them work on the block and keep them off the damn mic. Smh

  • zac

    @dre im 360. only 2 i fuck with are rocky & ferg but this shit sounded dope while just chillin playing madden it might have its own spot in the itunes or atleast for a good minute.

  • III


    Fuck outta here. I’m from Texas too and have been listening to southern trill music since the 90s. Been listening to UGK since Super Tight (shit came out in ’94 if I recall correctly), and been jamming DJ Screw and S.U.C. ever since the Screw tapes. Stop acting like you the only nigga who knows about music.

    Why do you care if other cities start saying a word? Who the fuck cares? It’s a word. Do you have nothing better to do than worry about what cities are saying a certain slang term? And who cares where they’re from. What matters is that they’re keeping the southern sound alive. It’d be one thing if they pretended to be from the south, but they all admit that they rep N.Y and just have a heavy southern influence.

    BTW, for the record, I agree that most of A$AP shouldn’t be rapping. Rocky, Ferg, Twelvy, and Nast are solid, though. The rest (especially that wack motherfucker Ant) need to fall all the way the fuck back.

  • 6packonmydick

    This is a joke my nigga.

  • vlado


  • KingPakAttack

    Wanna take a break from e-hating to actually talk aboot the music?
    Did they let Da$h into the A$AP Mob? I thought he war from the heirs or something like that but i always liked him. Overall tapes aight but Id rater see that album. Rocky & Nast >>>

  • j2fly

    agreed some of the asap crew shouldnt be rapping. most are solid though. this isnt for everyone its that dark trippy shit. doesnt sound like anything else. pretty dope shits free listen to it or dont

  • @OldSkoolSLIM

    @Ill Did you have to give me your whole damn history of the music you listen to nigga? Damn guy……………….. And why you assuming that I’m the only nigga that knows about music!?…………. If you cant find C on the piano dont sayin shit that you kno music….. This is my first and last time arguing on comment section of 2dopeboyz lol

  • OldSkoolSLIM

    Never again…………….. lol

  • WhoShotYa

    The tape is iiiiggh nothing crazy tho.. That A$AP Ferg- “Work” is mean!

  • scooba

    I will never understand how he got 3 million dollars to come out with this….

  • rnb

    fuck happened to quality control?

  • Danik

    DOPE! holla from Russia

  • elp

    If your hatin either u don’t dig the lyrics, which aren’t crazy, but beats are pretty dope. This was just to calm down the feens, Rocky’s album gonna be fire

  • 206FRE$H

    SGP IS THAT NIGGA THO….this is pretty dope tape need to bump it in the whip to find out what i really think. ASAP NIGGA

  • 103

    wasted beats the mixtape.

  • factormax

    pro era finna annihilate asap in NY

  • fdfdsfdfdss

    mixtape is DOPE!!! PROPS from germany

  • gerard

    their style is very unique and personal… i mean i can understand people hating or just disliking but for those of us who dig the style i think its pretty rad, im not saving the whole mixtape but theres a lot of songs i can play and enjoy in so many different situations lol

    considering they are just another crew of dumb heads smokin shit and drinkin purp, they did a decent job lol

  • marty mcfly

    is Aesop Rock part of this group?

  • spaced

    ^yeah, he’s the ugly one that can’t rap worth shit, but the hipsters love him

  • Sixpackonmyazz

    cum on ma nigguh, wat the fuck are theze nigguz talkin, fucc this bunch of wack azz nigguz, only my nigguh Rocky iz dealin good with theze shit, that nigguh got ma respect, them other nigguz are fuckin wack azz nigguz.

  • viewtiful_alan

    YMCMB has more fucking depth than these dudes. Lets face it, Live.Love.A$AP was a fluke: some hot beats and a couple real hot lines and that was it.

  • Jimbo Jones

    all of these comments were before 11:00 am. Did you guys wake up with crust and hate in your eyes haha

  • Jonesy Stark

    Tape’s a’ight, I’ll bump a few cuts but I’ll be playing that Purrp/Flatbush ZOMBiES way more. Outside of Rocky, Twelvy,& Nast I don’t need to hear the other cats spit…ever.

  • lol

    this mixtape is a waste of fucking time and money.


  • Sookiiiieee

    Waste of time sad that the best song is the intro which is only rocky the rest of this shit stinks

  • skiler714

    Wow. This shit is getting terrible reviews and I havent even sarted to listen to it. I hope its mixtape worthy. Flatbush zombies are wack. Rappers who sound like Big Twin, or these raspy, throat cancer sounding mutha need to get a CLUE!

  • jon

    what? it sucks that badly?

  • xIx

    @ jon

    It really doesn’t, but it’s kinda hit or miss, and blog niggas LOVE to hate anything A$AP for some reason.

  • elduderino

    Yikes…A$AP crews even worse than I thought lol. Just cuz one dude can rap doesn’t mean his whole set should be able to

  • wtfyalltalmbout

    This shit one of the best releases of this year. Idk what these niggas on.

  • StyleZ.

    So bad

  • sdot

    Really nice mixtape. ASAP Ant sucks though. If they kick him out the entire crew is nice.

  • 2dope4nope

    It’s dope just that chill mode musik vsvp does got hits and misses but it’s alrrright!

  • jones

    just give me the insturmental

  • TB

    Asap ant is just not a rapper. Hes worse than Lil b

  • brite

    Why the fuck are these even called mixtapes anymore. As for the “tape” quality, thank God for Clams, Ty and Rocky. It ain’t no more to it.

  • Dick Richard

    I went to highschool with that kid Da$h aka Darian Dash… At Pascack Hills High School (VERY white high school). He’s Dame Dash’s nephew.

    Btw he sucks on this shit.

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date

    Kanye To The>>

    Fuck what that nigga on the 2nd comment said

  • malcyvelli

    fuck, i just watched the video to “work” on the tapes dl and it totally fucking discouraged me from copping this shit, i think ferg needs to hang it up cause that shit is far from his calling in life man

  • hfny

    They should have taken off half of the tracks, only keep the dope songs

  • D.

    real talk this is garbage still like rocky but his crew is trash ferg and nast fuck everyone else. RVXDXR KLVN

  • And 1

    asap wigga tell me where the weed at


    I am an ASAP fan and I was definitely hoping for more from this tape. I agree with most of these nxggas out here who sayin its pretty much Rocky, Ferg and Twelvy holdin this bitch down. Past that though, aside from weak lyricism, the beats lack the amount of variation necessary to help make a more comprehensive project. Disappointing yes, but the collective is still relatively young enough to make a turn around qualitatively.

  • SwitchingdatBandWagon

    Damn so much Raider Klan dickriders… All of you used to be on Rocky’s dick.

    Instead of supporting this gay ass beef, the ones who are really losing are the fans.

    Because Purpps beats are amazing. And everybody has been tryna rap like Rocky but only he can switch dat flow up.

    The mixtape is dope:
    Thuggin Noise, Full metal jacket, bath salt, persian whine, YNRE, Purple Kisses, Freeze, Told Ya, Underground Killa$, Jay Reed are all good songs.

    With Thuggin Noise, Bath Salt and YNRE standing out.

    As a whole the songs are so diverse that its not really cohesive as a whole. I recommend you to just listen to it, instead of reading this pathetic comments on this page.

  • OMeGa

    This shit was terrible. If you thought A$AP Rocky was a bad rapper wait till you here everyone else. I like alot of the stuff A$AP Rocky is putting out, but this shit is awful.